Annual Horoscope for Virgo Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: Virgos Will Ascend

2017 will be ruled by the Sun. This seems as if it wouldn’t have the greatest impact on you, given that, as a third-decan Virgo, you’re ruled by Mercury and Venus. Still, you’ll profit from the Sun’s power this year since the proximity of Mercury and Venus to the year’s regent give them a special power. The proximity of these planets will make you one of the luckiest decans of the year. However, you still need to be prepared: Venus is wonderful as the ruler of your sign decan, but there’s a catch. If someone offers you the choice between a hundred dollars now or two hundred next year—you’re bound to take the $100. This is Venus logic, and usually, it works for you. But in 2017, you need to think outside the box! You might begin an internship, a new degree, or retrain for a new career. A change could come that leads you to completely start from scratch. For once, in 2017, give yourself the freedom to think and act differently! Don’t blindly reach for the easy money: if you have patience now, you’ll have more later.

Neptune is opposite your sign this year, and has a strong influence on it and thus on you. He will serve you as a kind of magical divining rod, clueing you into things that no one around you seems aware of. You’re not psychic, but you might feel like it sometimes. This has the natural advantage of letting you know what’s coming and how to deal with it, but Neptune is not always precise: misunderstandings and confusion are linked to this planet as well.

Pluto has a strong position in relation to your sign. He will awaken the desire for everlasting life – even when it’s almost over. This may sound like a paradox, but it’s not: we live on in our children and our children’s children. If you are of an appropriate age, you may have another child this year. If you are older and have children, then it will probably be a grandchild or another younger relative that will enrich your life.

Your Love Life

It’s hard to imagine the couple that won’t have a happy relationship in 2017. After all, Venus, planet of love, is the sub-ruler of your decan. Even if you and your partner have been growing apart in the last few years, you’ll find yourselves reconnecting under these stars. What about those of you who are unattached? As mentioned, Pluto represents a connection to eternity, and this applies to partnerships as well.

And now for Neptune: as mentioned, Neptune will oppose your sign for almost the whole year, transforming your love life, and taking it to a higher level. Sensuality, physical love: yes and yes. But you want more, namely, a spiritual harmony. If your partner is not ready for this deep a connection, it’s possible that you’ll meet someone with whom you can share this love.

Your Career

For you Virgo of the third decan, 2017 can be described with the slogan: “You will ascend.” Mars will give you power and persistence for the way up (especially in January, June, September, and November), while Saturn will give you clear signs to keep you on the right path. And Jupiter will provide you with the necessary quantum of luck. You can count on everything increasing: you’ll earn more money, more responsibility, and more influence. Everything that you’ve had your eye on can be yours if you commit to pursuing it.

With all these great prospects, you’ll have to remind yourself that there is more to life than work, and remember to take time off for fun and relaxation. If you start planning your holidays at the beginning of the year, you have the best chance of maintaining a healthy balance. How about a long trip in the summer to a destination on your bucket list? Jupiter’s fortune will travel with you, and you may receive a romantic surprise while abroad.

Your Health

In addition to the Sun, whose power invigorates you, Pluto will also imbue you with power and endurance. On one hand, these are great prospects for a healthy year. On the other, the flipside of this vigor is that you’re at risk of overestimating yourself and overdoing it. Remember that, however you feel, you do have finite resources, and your body will make you suffer if you go too far to extremes.