Annual Horoscope for Virgo Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: It’s Your Turn to Get on the Gravy Train

2017 is the year of the Sun. This means that it rules and determines what is going to happen and how it will come about. Imagine that the Sun is the conductor, and the other orbs are the orchestra: of course, the orchestra is important to the performance, but the conductor determines the piece that is played. With the Sun as the conductor, the characteristics of the individual signs are also reinforced.

Neptune is opposite your sign’s decan in 2017, and this has a strong influence on your sign as well as on you. She functions something like a magical divining rod, allowing you to sense things that others miss completely. Sometimes you might feel as if you suddenly have a sixth sense. Unfortunately, Neptune is not always accurate-- she is also connected to misunderstandings and confusion.

Pluto trines your sign’s decan in 2017. This planet is indeed small, but he has huge potential if you know how to handle him. Pluto is able to help you reconcile with your past since Pluto is the bridge to our ancestors. He helps us the positive power that is our inheritance, but the bridge has to be free of resistance and defense. In other words, if you are able to reconcile with your past, you can reap the huge rewards of its potential.

One more planet is important for you in 2017, and that’s Saturn. As the sub-ruler of your personal decan, Saturn squares your sign’s decan and takes you to task: suddenly, you find yourself becoming more selective, critical, maybe even repellent. In some relationships, his influence will bring about a moment of truth, followed by arguments, alienation, and separation. On the other hand, Saturn can help you get back on your feet and be free of dependencies. Don’t take this the wrong way; things will go your way again, but the conditions will have to be right.

Your Love Life

The Sun guarantees you a happy and sensual year. With Pluto beaming at you from the side, he’ll open the door to your subconscious and allow some of your deepest secrets to be fulfilled. Neptune, meanwhile, is opposite your sign, making you so attractive that no one can resist you. The effect of all three of these planets together will be nothing short of breathtaking, mind-blowing, exhilarating. Are the sparks already flying? Is no one safe from your charms? Perhaps—but most importantly, remember that you are not acting based on lust for lust’s sake. Your love wants more: cosmic fusion, release, transcendence.

Your Career

Thanks to the support of various planets, you’ll experience success in 2017. As early as January, it will seem as though you’re trekking towards the peak of your career. In April, your career prospects will improve again. In June, you’ll face some challenges, and nothing will be handed to you; but each delay, each attack, each defeat that you're on the receiving end of is a lesson that will make you harder, tougher, and fitter. Do not surrender. In September, latest October, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work with a promotion or similar advancement at work.

Your Health

In terms of your health, there is not much to say, with the Sun protecting you through the year. You’ll stay fairly healthy and even the spring colds leave you be. Just don’t take this health for granted and abuse your good fortune. Eat well, stay active, and it will be smooth sailing this year.