Your Health

As a Leo of the third decan, born between August 13th and 23rd, there is another regent at your side: Mars. This planet is responsible for your well-being. In 2017, you have an open invitation to do more for your fitness. With the power of both the Sun and Mars, you’ll find that you have extra energy for running laps in the park or doing lengths at the swimming pool. If you’ve been sedentary lately, you may finally sign up for a gym membership. When it comes to your health, your motto for 2017 should be “get off the sofa!”. Without enough exercise, you’ll not only put on some extra pounds, you’ll find yourself lagging internally – an absolute no-go for Leo’s, who are characterized by their love of life.

Theme for 2017: You Will Profit from the Sun and Mercury

The Sun is the ruler of 2017. As a Virgo, your ruling planet is Mercury. These two orbs have an intimate relationship. This comes from the fact that Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, and profits from this proximity. In fact, some astrologists call Mercury a “small Sun”. In this respect, you can rest assured that 2017 has good things in store for you. Your destiny this year will further be determined by Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. Read on to find out about the impact of these three orbs.

Neptune will be directly opposite your sign and decan in 2017. Her influence will be strongest at the beginning of the year; subsequently, it will lessen, but still be strong enough to have a decisive impact on your destiny. Neptune gives you the benefits of a kind of astrological diving rod, functioning as a sixth sense and allowing you to sense things that no one else can feel. Of course, this has the advantage of letting you know what’s ahead and reacting accordingly. Neptune is not always precise, however; in other words, confusion and misunderstandings are linked to this planet.

Pluto is in an embracing trine to your sign. His influence is not as strong as it has been in recent years, making your life a bit easier: less stress, less controversy at work, less responsibility. It’s a pleasant shift, as Pluto is still strong enough to lend more weight to your opinion and draw more attention to your profile.

Saturn’s role may be minor, but he is still part of the cast of planets influencing you in the coming year. This planet will look out for your best interests, keeping you grounded and aware of your surroundings. He’ll never approve of you losing sight of reality, but he is not always soft and gentle in his reminders, and can sometimes be a bit hard and demanding, particularly when you’re shirking your responsibilities.

Your Love Life

This year, your love life profits mainly from the good relationship between the Sun and Mercury. Mercury is known as a matchmaker with the ability to win people over with his magical twine. Those of you who are unattached will sense this influence throughout the year. You’ll find yourself flirting like there’s no tomorrow. Venus will be keeping an eye on you, making sure that your flirting can also lead to more.

Those who are in relationships will find that the Sun provides them with more power and self-esteem, and even, to some degree, egoism. As a Virgo, you are well known for giving, and sometimes even serving. But now, you’re turning the tables all of a sudden. In relationships where there has been a lack of emotion, you demand the affection that has been your due for some time. In the background, Venus suggests that you subtly show your partner just how pleasant and enjoyable romance can be.

Your Career

When it comes to managing your daily routine, your decan’s ruler, Mercury, is the primary influencer. He plans and organizes your life, helps you look the part and come up with the right words when it comes to important talks. He also pairs you up with people who can be of use in your job. Furthermore, your “clairvoyant planet” Neptune and your “power planet” Pluto will always be by your side, and he will help provide for a successful year. Still, as always, it’s important to be aware of the phases in which your cosmic friend, Mercury, is in retrograde.

Your Health

Your digestion and everything linked to it are the sticking points when it comes to your health this year. What can you go to start the year off right? Get as much fiber as possible, with a high dose in the morning, and even more for lunch. Try not to eat after 7 p.m. If you can, cut chocolate and chips from your diet and replace them with fruit. Finally, Mars encourages you to get out and walk as much as possible, at least three hours a week.