Yearly Horoscope 2017 for Taurus (3rd decan)

2017 is going to be exiting, thrilling and varied

You mostly profit from the Sun. She reigns the coming year. For you this means many advantages, because deep down inside you are a sun child, happy, content and full of love. When the Sun reigns, your best features come into effect. You will find love, be successful and even be surprised by luck in between, especially important for you as a Taurus, is that you have enough money. Furthermore, it is important to know what other orbs are up to for you. One of them is Saturn and the other Uranus. Especially Saturn claims a lot of attendance from you, because he is the conductor of all Taurus born of the third decade, which you also belong to. He stands adverse. This means, your usually so sunny life will get some serious sides that annoy you, but also cause that you try very hard. When you look at the new year under the aspect of having as much fun, pleasure and passion as possible, Saturn will definitely be a spoiler. But when you give your life quality and content, then you have the perfect partner in Saturn. So you have to find a compromise between “Live the way it makes you happy” one on hand and “always ask, what is the good of this” on the other hand. Or like the Latin saying goes: “Carpe diem! (Use the day)” and “Memento mori! (Remember that you will die!)“ The other star that has an important role 2017 for the Taurus of the third decade, is Uranus. Astrology says, he is in the half sextil to your sign of the zodiac. I know, this is “Astro Latin”, I will try to translate it for you. Uranus in half sextil means, that you will constantly have this planet at your side, like, for example, a neighbor. But this neighbor is no calm fellow, but is noisy, gives you unrest, just annoys you sometimes. When you take this positively, then you will have an exciting and thrilling year ahead. Do not let your (Taurus) privacy be violated, then some things will annoy you in 2017. My advice is, do not balk at Uranus, because this method rather makes him stronger.


Marvelous! The Sun, regent of the new year, lets you feels even more passion than you already have. Even better! Venus in compound with Uranus and Saturn, takes care that you will not stay alone, but find a (or even more) partner. Still, it could happen, that in the morning you get up not really replete and content: Your partner was too tired or he was lacking fantasy. The message of the stars is in this concern clear: better times will only come, when you take on the initiative! In each Taurus slumbers Venus and therefore a primal force that can rouse everything: wild fire, tender love, commitment, passion, perseverance. Already in February your astrological calendar is on red, this means, you experience much love. March and April will be calm months. In April Venus is in a super position and means peaks in your love life. In June, Venus will park in your sign of the zodiac, your strongest erotic time with experiences of lust, that cannot be put into words, is on.


If you want to be successful in 2017, you have to connect to Uranus. He is, as said, directly next to your sign of the zodiac. Look at him as your partner and friend. This star is very creative in showing you new things. And he does not only show you new and better possibilities, but he also helps you to realize your full potential. But, as said, you must not hold on drastically on everything that ever was, but be prepared for something new. You do not need to make a U-turn. But have a bit of passion and fun that in your life something changes!

Your Health

Saturn has a bitter message for you concerning fitness and health, unfortunately: Unhealthy escapades and escalations of bad habits are off limits for you this year. You love to treat yourself, but your tendency to overindulge will be harmful in 2017. You’re better off making the following resolution: “I will take care of the trinity of body, mind, and soul, and I will not abuse my body”. At the end of February, you’re poised for balance on all three of these things, so feel free to cut yourself a bit of extra slack.