Annual Horoscope for Taurus Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: A Strong Team at Your Side

The coming year will be reigned by the Sun. For you, a Taurus of the second decan, two more planets will join the Sun, and getting to know them better will help illuminate what awaits you in 2017: Pluto is in Capricorn, where he has been for the last five years. But, in 2017, Pluto’s power will give you an extra boost because the Sun rules.

The second important planet is Neptune. He is also in the same position as he has been for the last few years. And he too benefits from the Sun’s reign. What can he achieve? Neptune increases your sensitivity to signals, giving you clairvoyance, in a sense. You are able to sense the direction your future is headed and to act accordingly. This gives you an advantage over others. Nevertheless, messages from Neptune are not always clear and can be misinterpreted. There is also another planet that is very important for you this year: Saturn, who is in a rather unfavorable position. This means the coming year will bring you more than just happy moments. There will be situations in which problems and difficulties cannot be avoided, meaning that your sunny life will be subject to some shadows. This will annoy you, but also force you to try harder. If you only look at the new year with the aim of getting as much fun, pleasure, and lust out of it as possible, then Saturn will most likely be a spoilsport. But, if you want more quality and contentedness in your life, Saturn is the perfect partner for you. You’ll just have to find a balance between living for the day and planning for tomorrow.

Your Love Life

You are a Taurus, and thus, a very sensual person. In this year of the Sun, your lust and sensuality will grow even stronger. As mentioned already, Neptune is very strong in 2017. This planet can awaken in you a love that you have not yet experienced. This is not just about lust and physical satisfaction—you will meet your soul mate in 2017. Will this great love only be one-way? By no means! This person will also be hooked on you. The two of you are made for each other. But be wary of holding on too tight: the object of your love needs their freedom and independence. They will never be yours to own. You are a cosmic pair, two individuals that understand, complete and love each, while each remaining free and independent. This is very important. If you try to bind this magical person to you, you will lose them.

Your Career

You can look at your regent for this year, the Sun, as a strong engine that will give you more power for 2017. Add to this Pluto’s treasure trove of experience from many lives, and don’t forget Saturn: with this mix, you can be sure that everything is going to get better. Your career will take off, and there’s not really anything you can do about it. Now you just need to look at Neptune. He is giving you a clear “no” signal when it comes to making this career jump a solo attempt. Only as part of a team or with a partner you will be truly successful. Your best times for a career jump, for team building, or for a cooperative partnership are the middle of January, the middle of May, and the middle of September. Be careful in the second half of April, as well as in the second half of August.


Saturn has a bitter message for you concerning fitness and health, unfortunately: Escapades and escalations are taboo. Too much of your temperament and your insatiable-policy are harmful in 2017. Better you make the following resolution: „I want to take care of the trinity of body, mind and soul and not abuse it.“ At the end of February the stars will treat your boy, mind and soul quite well. Then you are allowed to celebrate uncontrived..