Annual Horoscope for Taurus Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: Venus and the Sun Provide for Sensuality and a Successful Career

In the course of 2017, you will often feel as if a burden has been lifted from your shoulders. You feel freed. In the mornings, you wake up smiling, and in the evenings, you go to bed satisfied. There are many reasons for this, but they all come back to the fact that during the day you do a great job, and so you find yourself being offered better positions and more money.

To whom do you owe this fortune? Yours stars, of course. Or rather, the stars that, at the moment, neither set you back nor slow you down. In 2017, all of the cosmic powers that normally make your life a bit more complicated – Saturn, Uranus, Pluto – are leaving you in peace. It’s a bit like when you go on holiday and are able to leave all your worries and problems behind. In the year 2017, the Sun reigns. Everything is about him. So, what is his influence on you, a Taurus of the first decan? Will you get support? Are you a favorite on his list? Or might he work against you? Put your mind at ease: as a Taurus of the first decan, your regent is the wonderful Venus, who has a wonderful relationship to the sun. Lucky you, because since the Sun and Venus get along so well, as a Taurus of the first decan, you are one of the favorites of 2017. This year, you’ll find that you will meet people and enlarge your social network enormously, not only in terms of quantity, but particularly in terms of quality. You’ll be able to break into a higher circle, and get to know people who can give you valuable advice. This will help you career-wise because your new connections will allow you to gracefully scale the career ladder, as their networks open up to you. If you’re looking for a new flat, one of your new friends will know the owner. If you want to sell your car, and someone in your circle will make you an offer. Keep your eyes open because your network is a mine of valuable connections. The favorable relation between Venus and the Sun will take you far this year.

Your Love Life

Of course, the combination of Venus and the Sun will have an extremely positive effect on your love life. In 2017, you’ll never have to ask, “where can I find love?" or “why do I always end of spending the night alone?” Your relationships will become lively, and you and your partner will discover each other anew. If you’re unattached, you’ll be impressed by how many romantic prospects present themselves to you. Not all months are the same, however; there will also be highlights, namely, when Venus stands in a positive angle to your sign of the zodiac.

Your Career

For the last two or three years, you haven’t quite felt at the top of your game. This has been due to the influence of Saturn. But—in 2017, he’ll finally leave you alone. Furthermore, you can count on the Sun to have your back in all matters concerning your job and finances. Taurus-Taurus who are self-employed will have so many inquiries by spring, that they’ll be turning away work and enjoying the abundance of money. Taurus-Taurus who are employed may find they need to take a little detour. This means: Make yourself indispensable! In 2017, your focus should be networking—on a grand scale. Keep in touch with new connections, invite people out for lunch or dinner, invest in presents and thoughtful tokens. And finally, invest your time well. Don’t waste your time on people who drain your energy. In 2017, your focus should be on you—focus on your goals, and you will achieve them.

Your Health

The Sun has a lot of plans for you this year, which will place demands on both your energy and your nerves. The magic words for you in 2017 are “slow movement”. If you feel that your schedule is packed with too many appointments, you may need to take extraordinary measures: take 2 or 3 hours off work and responsibility, switch off your phone, and linger. One other thing will be important to your health this year: getting good sleep, so invest in a good mattress, nice bedding, some scented pillows in cherry or lavender, and create a sleeping oasis.