Annual Horoscope for Scorpio Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: Finally, the Time Will Come

You are a passionate person, and not just when it comes to your love life. Every aspect of your life operates at full throttle, and you don’t know how to live any other way. It’s your karma, and who you are. The Sun is the ruling planet of 2017. This means that your prospects will become brighter. Not only will the Sun shine more often and more brightly upon you, but the power of the Sun, of the light, will permeate your soul and awaken wonderful feelings. You’ll find yourself making involuntary exclamations of happiness and satisfaction, and this inner enrichment will have an impact far beyond your own emotions, as you generally radiate peace and satisfaction. This energy will enrich your social life, draw your current friends closer to you and make you attractive to new acquaintances.

Pluto will also contribute to your happiness in the year ahead. Pluto is sextile to your sign, which will give you access to his power. Pluto has the ability to put you in touch with all of the positive achievements of your ancestors. This sounds mysterious, I know; still, that’s how it is. Whatever the expertise of ancestors, Pluto can allow you to tap into their vast skills and knowledge. This assumes that you have a good relationship with your past. To gain this power, study your genealogy: get to know your forbearers and discover what they excelled at and what they struggled with. Reconciling yourself with the past will help you unlock the power of this knowledge for your future.

Neptune will also help you along this year. This planet is trine to your sign, which is a very positive aspect. The gift that he gives you in this position is a boost to your intuition, meaning that your gut feelings will become more accurate than ever. Your instincts will be able to tell you how to react in any situation. If you’re on any kind of spiritual journey this year, Neptune will open doors for you—into the world of wonder, where you’ll be able to explore, enter, and retreat at your own will.

In October, Jupiter, the luckiest of all planets, will enter your sign, bringing you more appreciation, success, support, fame, fortune, and honor. The planet of luck never shows up empty-handed, so you can look forward to his presence!

Your Love Life

Count on experiencing big emotions in the coming year—accompanied by little dramas. This is the influence of the Moon, the sub-ruler of your sign's decan. In a Sun year such as 2017, the Moon provides an atmosphere of emotional superlatives.

In 2017, you can expect your love to be passionate and wonderful, and only seldom lacking or bittersweet. Under these constellations, life-long partners are found, and unions are entered into. Under these constellations, dreams of having a baby come true. Besides the Moon, you will also benefit from the influence of Pluto, and, from October on, Jupiter. You’ll find you are perceived differently, and that your persona as an impressive, sensual person will be given more expression. For the singles amongst you, you’ll be given the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people. Later in fall, you might also decide to tie the knot. Partnerships will also profit from this combination of planets: your love will become stronger, more passionate, and complete.

Your Career

Pluto, the ruler of your sign, gives you power, confidence, and stamina for the whole year. This alone would be enough for you to make a good impression in 2017. But this is not enough for Pluto. He’s decided that your time has finally come: it’s time for you to come out of the woodwork, step away from the wallpaper, and take center stage because you’re the star. You’ve been biding your time for the past few years, but in 2017, your time has come. Turn over your new leaf with the beginning of the new year because this will set the tone for the months to come. But know this much is true: from now on everything will be different, and better for you.

Your Health

You do not need to worry when it comes to your health. Your chart is packed full of powerful stars: no challenge is too difficult; no journey is too far for you at the moment. You’re in top shape and have great stamina. One tip, however: you should make an attempt to “de-acidify” your body on a regular basis. This will increase your vitality and give you a dazzling aura. Ideally, you can do so with natural herbal teas from a health food store. You might also consider fasting around the New Moon. Be cautious in June and July, for minor illnesses are a risk for you in the summer.