Annual Horoscope for Scorpio Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: You’ll Make It Big

2017 is ruled by the Sun. Generally, this will strengthen the positive traits in all signs of the zodiac, while reducing their negative ones. For you, Scorpio of the first decan, this means that your strengths, your reliability, your thoroughness, and your vast experience will be amplified in the coming twelve months.

For you, the influence of the Sun is only outsized by that of Pluto. This orb is the sub-ruler of your sign’s decan, and thus, your destiny is linked to this planet in a special way. In 2017, Pluto is in Capricorn, where he has been for the last few years. However, with the Sun as the ruler of 2017, Pluto’s effects are set to take on new significance. Great things are possible for you this year, even a radical new beginning. In any case, your life will not be the same by the end of the year. Any change also depends on you, however. Pluto is able to connect you with the power of your ancestors. Everything your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents achieved was passed on to you like a seed in a garden. Like a seed, this knowledge can only sprout and grow when the outer conditions are right. The inheritance of your ancestors can be yours, if you’re a good gardener. What does this mean? You could study your genealogy, for example. But even more important is that you look back both respectfully and affectionately. Those who refuse to acknowledge where they come from will not be able to harvest the power of their forbearers.

Furthermore, you need to be prepared for Uranus. This star is entering an inconvenient position relative to your sign, and thus could become a troublemaker, with his influence popping up everywhere you look. If you’re wary, you might actually be prepared for his attacks every once in a while. It is especially important to be mindful of your health because Uranus often has a negative impact in your Sixth House of Health and Wellbeing.

Last but not least, I would like to discuss the role of Neptune for you this year. This star is in a promising position relative to your sign in the coming twelve months. He’ll function something like a magical divining rod, allowing you to sense things that will happen a week or so later. Of course, this is an advantage for you, as you’ll notice again and again that you’re ahead of the pack, and that you’re able to react accordingly and before those around you. This, of course, assumes that you pay attention to your gut and are not afraid to follow it.

Your Love Life

Longing for your relationship to become even closer and more intimate? Do you want a child? Or is it variety and eroticism that are missing from your life? No matter what it is you’re longing for, the stars will fulfill your wishes in 2017. In addition to Neptune, who will serve to make you even more sensitive than usual, the Sun, as regent of the year, will offer you up hot flirtations, if you’re single, or a newly social revitalization of your married life, if you’re part of a couple.

The stars also awake your desire for something different and new. In some circumstances, this could indeed lead to adultery, as you find yourself presented with a parade of attractive people. If you’re tempted, or if you act on your temptation, you owe such tendencies to Uranus. He can be blamed for the fact that you sometimes find yourself in situations in which even someone who usually is totally loyal to their partner could lose their resolve. Be careful! If you continue to seek out exciting flirtations and tempting glimpses at the other side of life, you risk bringing huge conflict into your life. You have the benefit of the Scorpio "zoom view", which allows you to see beyond surface-level appearances. Use this deep view when you're tempted, and you'll realize that, behind a tempting façade, there are less pleasant views to consider.

Your Career

Can you expect success in 2017? Yes! You will even make it big! Pluto will imbue you with an aura of resilience, and people will believe in you. Fear and sorrow seem to vanish when you are near. Pluto gives you an energy that you are able to carry and convey on to others. In tumultuous times such as these, people like you are exactly what we need. As a Scorpio with a strong Pluto, you’re set to have a fantastic year. In fall, Jupiter will enter a fantastic position for you, meaning that you’ll shine, not only with power but also with joy and hope. With Jupiter pushing you forward, you've added luck to your powerful mix of assets. Rest assured that by the end of 2017, you’ll be in a much better position than you were at the start of the year.

Your Health

Uranus will be giving you a hard time in 2017. This means that this planet will give you the impetus to get in shape this year. Nothing will escape his attention. Whatever he finds not to be in ship-shape, he'll encourage you to correct, and quickly. Mind you, this is not to annoy you, but simply to make you aware. It is advisable that you take better care of your body than usual, and generally improve your lifestyle. Drink two to three liters of liquids every day (water, juices, herbal tea), eat little in the evenings, and never eat after 7 p.m. You should reduce the amount of meat you eat, as well as your coffee and tea consumption. The most important thing is for you to get regular exercise.