Annual Horoscope for Sagittarius Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: Climb that Mountain!

In the coming year, the Sun will rule and will awaken the strength in every sign of the zodiac. You, a Sagittarius of the third decan, will be favored especially given that the Sun is also the ruler of your decan. In addition to benefits from the Sun, both Jupiter and Uranus will enter convenient positions in the coming year. However, Saturn will land in your decade from January 1st on.

Have you ever climbed a really high mountain? Not an easy hike, but a proper climb? If so, then you can imagine what’s in store for you in the coming year. Your goal is to get to the summit, but it’s not an easy journey. It’s steep. There’s no lift. Any no one is coming to help you. In the context of your life and the year 2017, you may already have gathered that it will not be an easy year. At the moment, everything is fine, so you may be wondering how it's all about to get so much harder. But of course, you’re living well, down there in the valley. There’s nothing for it, my dear Sagittarius! Your climb is predestined; Saturn in your decan compels you to climb.

As I said, there’s no shortcut to the summit, but there is Jupiter, who is linked to your sign until fall. His influence is massive: just consider, as symbols of his power, his 63 moons, and diameter of more than 90,000 miles. As a Sagittarius, you’ll profit massively from Jupiter in this position – on one condition: you need to learn arithmetic – elementary arithmetic. In other words, you'll need to revise your point of view, and not always look for ideals, but rather be practical and have pragmatic solutions in mind. When Jupiter bands together with Saturn, it’s what you have in your pockets that counts, so try to be more realistic, pragmatic, and down to earth! This is an optimal time for you to work hard and get rich – not because of a miracle, or the power of positive thinking, but through good work and skillful negotiation.

Uranus will also play an important role for you in 2017. He’ll demand that you develop. At the same time, Uranus will give you everything you need to help you succeed. What to do? First of all, stop emulating any models or ideals. You should lead the life that you were made for. At your birth, a seed was sown that is still waiting to sprout and grow. But this seed needs certain conditions, just as every plant in nature needs a quantum of sunlight and the right soil. The conditions for your personal development are very good in the coming year. You’ll be able to nurture your sprout into a tree, with a crown that reaches up to the sky.

Your Love Life

On one side, you have the Sun and Jupiter, and they like it hot. They awaken in you sensuality, lust, and passion. But there is also Saturn hovering around you, and he likes it cool. For him, love is an arrangement between two people who are striving to master their lives together. Sooner or later, Saturn will win. This is for certain, but it is also definite that the other two, the Sun and Jupiter, will get their money’s worth. In other words, you won’t miss out on anything in 2017. If you’re single and looking for love, you can be optimistic for the coming year: you’ll find what you are looking for.

Your Career

Saturn has a bad reputation in astrology. It’s said that he is to blame for all the trouble and vexations in life, but this is a delusion. Saturn is the planet that makes one a better person so that you have the strength to deal with whatever life throws at you. Saturn is in your sign’s decan in 2017; he’ll make you stronger and more resistant, which will also make you more successful. Yes, now and then, Saturn will make you sit a test, but only to make you aware of what still needs to get better. And sometimes Saturn will give you a red card signal that you’re violating the rules of life. It is important that you understand from the beginning that Saturn does not come to you as an enemy but as a friend. Your best bet is to see him the same way. He’ll help you reach a better position and earn more money by the end of 2017. You will have made it – and maybe even climbed the peak of your life.

Your Health

Small and, of course, bigger health sins will be punished by Saturn in 2017: too much alcohol, too little sleep, and particularly stress will wear you out and impair your emotional wellbeing if you let them. But this only shows that Saturn is helping you. He’s not trying to harass you, but rather to make you aware that it is your responsibility to stay healthy and enjoy a long life.