Annual Horoscope for Sagittarius Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: Increased Riches, Inside and Out

My dear Sagittarius, for the following twelve months, the Sun will determine your affairs of the heart, business, pleasure, and pain. While the year won't be free of conflict, the Sun will be with you on your journey. Together with Jupiter and Uranus, he’ll shine brightest on your best qualities, giving you the aura of a champion. You’ll have some challenges, but in 2017, you can expect to benefit from the lion’s share of luck.

In astrology, Jupiter is known as the “planet of luck”. This year, you’re the lucky one, as Jupiter will help you in all areas of your life. Your partnership will become richer and fulfilled. Singles will find themselves with more admirers than ever before. Professionally, new opportunities are presented to you, each with the possibility to earn more money. Even when it comes to gambling, the odds are in your favor. But Jupiter’s influence will not only enrich your external world; there’s also the inner enrichment that comes with Jupiter to consider. External riches are temporary, but inner fortune will stay with you and, if nurtured and cultivated, will become a steady inner strength. Therefore, keep an eye out for opportunities to enrich your inner world. Withdraw often and make contact with your soul. If you are happy inside, the world outside will take on a golden glow.

There is another planet that will be by your side for the whole year: Uranus, who provides for new possibilities. To benefit from his presence, you just need to remember not to get cold feet when something doesn’t go exactly as planned. Remember the adventurer that lives within every Sagittarius; maybe you’ve neglected this aspect of yourself in the last few years. If so, it’s time to let it out again. Think of yourself as an explorer, with the whole world in front of you, and the only limit your courage. Feel free to take a few risks; the Sun will safeguard that things don’t go too far.

There’s another especially pleasant gift coming your way this year: Saturn will leave your side. For the last year, he’s been in your sign's decan and has been giving you a very hard time. But now, he’s moving on. This will be a great relief for those of you whose birthdays fall between December 3rd and 12th. Everything will get a bit easier, nicer, more pleasant, and friendlier.

Your Love Life

So, what about love? Here, Mars comes in. He’s the sub-ruler of your decan, and the first thing he wants to know is: What do you dream of: adventure, conquest, sex? Or do you long for a happy marriage, a home, a wedding ring, and the pitter patter of little feet? Don’t panic based on your answer. You will get both – as long as you want them. This year, Mars will give you so much sex appeal, and make you so adorable and seductive that everyone will want to be near you. Once again, Jupiter comes into play. As mentioned, he’s linked to your sign of the zodiac until October, making you as irresistible to men as the moon to a moth. Hopefully, you like to be pursued because Jupiter will encourage potential partners to seek you out. Once Jupiter leaves this position, from the middle of October onwards, you’ll experience an urge to nest. Suddenly, a relationship won’t seem as painfully domestic as you once thought, and the idea of cuddling on the couch will take on fresh appeal.

Your Career

It’s as if you have been driving through a long dark tunnel, and now you’ve suddenly come out on the sunny side of life. Suddenly, you can lead the life that is meant for you, again. Saturn is still in your sign, but no longer in your personal decan, meaning that, in 2017, he’ll help you to widen your circle of influence, become more powerful, more secure, higher earning, and more renowned. Are you already worried about how much work this is going to be? Don’t worry—you have the regent of the year, the Sun, along with Jupiter and Mars on your side. Doors will open for you that you would never have dreamt of knocking on before. People will speak of you in the highest, as you’re promoted and negotiate a higher salary. Expect to feel like the winner in a cosmic game of luck.

Your Health

Saturn will leave you, which is a good sign for your improvement. Additionally, Jupiter and Mars are giving you a boost, another good omen. Still, Neptune will square your sign for the whole year, which is a difficult aspect. This will make you a bit vulnerable when it comes to influenza and other viruses. In winter, you should take an additional portion of vitamins. Don’t be reckless with your health this year, but rather try to keep yourself in good shape and get enough sleep.