Annual Horoscope for Sagittarius Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: For You, the Sun is Always Shining

2017 will be ruled by the Sun. This in and of itself has a clear positive impact on you, as it will allow you to develop as a person, and help your existing strengths manifest themselves in you. You can also look forward to more joy in living in 2017. This year, it’s as if you’ll be living in an eternal summer.

Jupiter ensures that you can look forward to a pleasant and successful future. This planet is the ruler of your sign and of your personal decan, meaning that he controls the destiny of everyone born between November 22nd and December 2nd. As you may be aware, Jupiter is known in astrology as the “planet of fortune”, and he’ll be linked with your sign of the zodiac until October 2017. Thus, you’ll be very close to happiness. Don’t expect all of your dreams to suddenly come true: you probably won’t suddenly win a jackpot, buy a mansion, or stumble into your soulmate, but Jupiter will provide you with great ideas, of which some might turn out to be profitable for you. This year, your life becomes more spirited as a new attitude towards life makes you more cheerful and optimistic. Your love is the biggest winner of this change in attitude. With Jupiter in your sign, you'll meet the right kind of people to fulfill your wishes for both partners and partnerships. Therefore, there’s no question that you’ll end the year by the side of a partner who gives you everything you’ve been looking for.

You need to be prepared for the influence of Uranus. His impact will be felt in the sense that you find yourself off the beaten track. Uranus does not look kindly on people who always do the same. This could mean, for example, that you’ll make some new friends, move to another place, or perhaps begin a new relationship. It is good to be aware of when this Uranus is having a strong effect on your life, given that this planet sometimes causes unrest. So, if you’re feeling restless, Uranus is probably the source of your discomfort.

Unfortunately, Saturn will also have an effect on you in the coming year. This planet has a bad reputation in astrology: he is said to stifle the joy of life. This means that, despite the presence of Jupiter, you shouldn’t assume that life will be just light and breezy this year. There are two attitudes you need to keep in mind this year. On the one hand, integrity, credibility, and precision are necessary qualities for you in 2017. Saturn has a tendency to go stark raving mad if you take life too lightly. On the other hand, you can't be frightened out of maintaining your positive attitude towards life as a Sagittarius. The key will be to maintain a balance between the heavy and the light.

Your Love Life

Feeling chilly in January? In the coming year, there’ll be someone who warms you and keeps you feeling cozy and safe. If it’s excitement that you’re looking for, you’d do well to enjoy some nights out in February, and flirt like there’s no tomorrow. You definitely have a sexy charisma about you. Your May is also bound to be blissful. There’s a particular phone number that you’re looking forward to seeing flash on your phone, and a certain sexy voice you love to hear in your voicemail. You’ve met your big love, and your dreams are about to come true. Any Sagittarius who are still single in June will have a great chance to fall in love between July and September. Those of you who are already in a relationship will profit from the planets in your chart as well. They’ll bring fun, fancy, and passion to your relationship. If you take on a trip together in summer, your happiness is only set to increase.

Your Career

2017 will be a year of superlatives for you. In spring, Jupiter will give you courage. You’ll find yourself taking more chances, and confident enough to speak up if there is something that you do not like. You’ll also phrase your goals clearly, which will bring you more responsibility, more money, and more independence. There is every indication that your wishes will come true.

In the summer, the facts will speak for themselves when it comes to your performance. Somehow, you just do everything right. It is evident that you work better independently, which is why, if you’ve been tightly yoked at your job, you’re likely to make a move in the summer months, and already be successfully re-employed by fall.

Your Health

People who party, love, and work as hard as you need to be mindful of their health more than ever. Otherwise, the intensity of your life will leave its marks. It’s a good idea for you to detox twice a year: once at the beginning of March, and again in November. For two weeks, try to eat less every day until you are at almost nothing, and then increase your quantities again until you are back on a normal diet. This cleansing will make you fitter for your success and will also help augment your radiant complexion.