Annual Horoscope for Pisces Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: All of Your Worries Will Soon Be Forgotten

Astrology characterizes you as a sensitive, affectionate, caring and clairvoyant person. But it stands to reason that you disguise your weaker tendencies. After all, you need to get along in a world in which ruthlessness and egoism prevail. It’s as though you wear some kind of protective cloak, from which the wickedness of the world is easily repelled. The coming year will be reigned by the Sun, and its effect on your destiny can be compared to that of a warm breeze on a hot summer’s day: life is great, you experience happiness, and all of your worries fade into the distance. However, Saturn will ensure that the Sun isn’t always shining. This planet is at an inconvenient angle to your sign. You need to know how he affects you, what you have to be aware of, and if there are ways to use his position to your advantage. In astrology, as in life: if you know what to expect, then troubles and problems are only half as bad.

Saturn has a bad reputation in astrology. He is said to suppress the joy of life. Therefore, you should not – despite the regency of the Sun – assume that things will just go well for you this year. Saturn’s influence requires two different sides of you. On one, you need integrity, credibility, and accuracy. Saturn doesn’t react well if you take life too easily. On the other side, you need to be resilient in the face of problems and difficulties. They are simply part of life, and sometimes it is precisely the challenges we undergo that make us strong. This is where Saturn’s positive influence comes in: he’s not just a bad guy. He makes us strong by making us aware of the difficulties in life. Experiencing Saturn is like going through the school of life: those who get through it come out all the stronger.

Neptune is also in your sign for the whole year, where he has been for the past two years. But, in 2017, the regency of the Sun will allow you to develop more personally. No matter what happens, Neptune will wrap you in his invisible cloak and keep you safe from outside attacks. He’ll protect you from major inconveniences, and give you such powers that everything will go more smoothly for you. As I said above, Neptune could be called your guardian angel for the year, and will not leave your side in 2017.

Another important planet helping you along in 2017 is Pluto. His positive powers also grow stronger under the influence of the Sun. Thus, big changes are possible, even a radical new start. Pluto divides your karmic legacy—this refers to the inheritance of your ancestors. Those skills and that knowledge which can help you will be open to you if you reconcile yourself with your past. The half of the knowledge that is not helpful, and perhaps even contains your forbearers negative traits, will be eliminated. The positive, enriching half will give you access to new skills and expertise that help you reach success and love.

Your Love Life

Undergoing the influence of Neptune can be a trial for couples. Suddenly, you see many other people, who are also sweet and desirable: your friendly neighbor, your new colleague, the surf teacher on your holiday, maybe even your boss. Under Neptune, it’s even possible that a taboo will be broken. But Saturn has an eye on your sex and love life in 2017, too. He’s not a prude, but he does like consistency. The million-dollar question is: do you stay or do you go? Take it one step at a time, and act wisely! There’s little true meaning to be gained by flitting from flower to flower, so to speak. If you’ve been getting through this with a partner, remember that relationships become stronger as a result of crises that you go through together. If you come out the other side, you’ll see even more clearly what it is you have, and what you want. And if it no longer feels right? If it withers under Saturn’s gaze, it wasn’t meant to last.

Your Career

Saturn will test your perseverance for a whole year, putting innumerable obstacles in your path. Is it pure mischief? Don’t underestimate Saturn, who, in fact, is simply searching out the elite: those people who take the word “career” seriously. If you want to be successful to the first degree, you need to work hard to make the right contacts. It’s especially important that you have a good relationship with your superiors. This doesn’t mean that you have to grovel all year; on the contrary, Saturn does not want any wimps or weaklings, but rather rewards those who show that they have backbone. But he also will not repay you if you mouth off to your superiors when they do something that you do not agree with. Attitude is key if you want Saturn’s support as you attempt to climb the career ladder.

Your Health

Life is demanding in general, but for you, a Pisces of the third decan, who also has to put up with Saturn, it is especially stressful these days. You desperately need to do something for yourself, to which the answer is: yoga, yoga, and more yoga. Consider yoga to be your universal remedy. Gentle, sensible, flowing movements, with a meditative concentration on your body. This practice will help you unwind, become more flexible (both in body and in mind), lose weight, and be present enough to enjoy every moment of life. If you haven't tried it before, find a studio near you and see if it's right for you.