Annual Horoscope for Pisces Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: You Have a Guardian Angel

The Sun, as regent of the year, and the planets Pluto and Neptune are all in your corner for the coming year. This is a promising combination of powers. Let’s have a look at the Sun first, and ask what promises he has in store for you? First of all, is fun and joy. Imagine the Sun as the conductor of the orchestra of planets and stars. He may not play all the pieces, but the Sun chooses the tunes that he wants to hear: those that touch your heart and have a joyful mood—just like a warm summer’s day. All twelve signs of the zodiac profit from the Sun’s regency in 2017, but those with birthdays that fall from March 1st to 10th have an extra advantage. Why? Because the Moon is the sub-ruler of your Pisces decan, and, as you may have heard, there is a special relationship between these two celestial orbs. You may have noticed the effects of this relationship in the fact that you feel better when the Moon is visible in the sky than on other days.

Saturn will be in your House of career for the whole year. This is a great position for him, though undoubtedly a great deal of effort will be required of you. Think of this placement as if you were climbing a mountain: from the top, everything is great. The trip up will be a slog, but the view from the summit will be enough reward. Saturn demands that you carry on in difficult situations, and this is alright with Pluto as well.

Pluto won’t offer you a shortcut to the top, but rather an inexhaustible reserve of power. Pluto is also linked to your sign’s decan for the whole year, and with his assistance, you’ll be able to accomplish things you never thought possible. Where do these powers come from? Pluto gives you access to the legacy of your ancestors: their knowledge, their experience, and their skills: this is a magical reservoir, mysterious and mighty. However, this treasure will not be open to you automatically. Only those who live in peace with their past will be given entry. If you feel genuine respect and gratitude for your forbearers, and if you make these feelings known, you’ll find yourself connecting with the expertise of those who’ve come before you.

Last but not least, there’s Neptune, who stands directly in your sign of the zodiac. See him as a kind of guardian angel, your subservient ghost, whispering “you need to trust me!”. That’s all very well, but it’s not exactly that easy. If you find yourself in a situation that seems uncanny, or even a bit creepy to you, don’t fight against it with your rational mind. If you continue to trust in Neptune, you’ll have the chance to witness his magic and have wonderful experiences in 2017. From October onwards, Jupiter will be in a new position that is linked to fortune, more money, and joie de vivre. So, by fall at the latest, you will have scaled the heights and have a chance to enjoy the view.

Your Love Life

Thanks to the Sun, for shedding its favorable light on your Moon. There’s great hope for you when it comes to love. Neptune will help you to get more deeply involved with someone, while Saturn makes sure that you don’t lose your personal freedom and independence. Even those Pisces who are confirmed bachelors or bachelorettes will venture into a home and think, “it is nice and cozy in the nest!” Expect relationships to get more serious in the fall. Those of you who are in committed relationships will notice in spring how comforting and precious the place beside your partner is. A trip together in summer will strengthen that glorious feeling that you’re made for each other.

Your Career

You have strong helpers in this area of your life for 2017. First, there’s Pluto, who is in sextile to your sign of the zodiac. This makes you strong, resilient, and persistent. The intrigues of others are nothing against the power of Pluto. You don’t just endure the attacks of your competitors, you grow from them and come out the winner in the end. Next, there’s Neptune: he makes you a master of Kung Fu, who knows how to deflect attacks and ride out conflicts until they finally develop to your advantage. Even Saturn, who demands a lot from you, has his good sides: he’ll help you not spread yourself too thin. The culmination of these powerful guards is Jupiter, who will join the line up of your cosmic benefactors in fall, and bring you luck for the end of the year.

Your Health

The Moon makes you more sensitive than others. This is the other side of your sensitivity, but it need not be a deficiency. You’ll notice in time when you feel an ailment coming on, and will take appropriate action. Your most important medicine is circumspection. You only need to feel inside to know what is good for you – and what’s not. As Saturn squares your sign, you’ll need to be more cautious than ever this year. If you haven’t yet, try out foot reflexology. You’re a perfect candidate for its positive effects, and it’s a method that you can do yourself.