Annual Horoscope for Pisces Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: You’ll Have a Dream-like Year

Imagine a warm summer’s day: the sky is blue, the wind caresses your skin, the air smells of roses… That warm relaxed feeling you have on days like this will be characteristic of 2017. The Sun is the regent of the year, and provides for goodwill, happiness, enjoyment, and luck. You can trust that things will go well right now. Your ship of life is sailing smoothly.

Neptune is another guarantor of the great year ahead of you. This planet is in your sign; of course, last year he was there as well, but the Sun ruling 2017, Neptune’s influence will take on the quality of a mother who doesn’t let anybody lay a finger on her kids. As a Pisces born of the first decan, you are Neptune’s favorite in 2017. You can be sure that nothing will happen in the coming year that has not been approved by Neptune. This star gently encourages you, pushes you forward, and clears all obstacles out of your way. You will be well off. Neptune will fulfill your wishes and dreams, but he is even more important for the goodwill of your soul. In 2017, small windows will open up to the world of the supernatural. You can look into the transcendent world. What you see there will make you hopeful and so happy that nothing in this world will be able to frighten you. You’ll believe in happy endings.

On to Pluto: this planet is also entering a very good position. Pluto is said to open doors into your subconscious. There, you’ll find not only all memories from your own life, but also access to everything that your ancestors experienced and achieved. Similar to a treasury, only you won’t just find gold in there, but experiences, skills, and ancient knowledge. In 2017, you will be more successful in your private as well as in your job—as a result of accessing this magical source. Another tip: The Moon will improve your ability to connect with your past. At full moon, this sight will extend further than usual. If you can, schedule important tasks or questions for times when the Moon is high in the sky.

There’s another planet that’s important for you, and that’s Saturn. He squares your sign of the zodiac, a difficult aspect. Suddenly, you’ll become picky, critical, and maybe even repellent. On the other hand, Saturn is the perfect planet to free help you free yourself from dependencies, so use that power if it applies to your situation.

In 2017, Uranus will be a bit of a pain sometimes. Especially in March, April, August, and September. During these months, take some time to collect yourself in the morning to prepare yourself for a calm day. This will leave you relaxed, and give Uranus no chance to get you down.

Your Love Life

When it comes to the stars, you have two opposing tendencies in your relationships in 2017: On the one hand, there are the Sun and Neptune. Their message is something like this: “Be free! Live for the day! Enjoy every moment and never think about tomorrow!" And then, on the other hand, there’s Saturn. He squares your sign, and therefore takes on extra strength. His say? “A relationship consists of mutual commitment, consideration, and even sacrifice.” How to strike a balance? If you go entirely with one of these mantras or the other, you’ll only end up feeling guilty. You have to find a way of combining the two approaches to life and love. In your relationships, you need to be loyal, fair, sincere, and undeceiving. You also need to be true to yourself, and follow your heart, without constraint. Be sure that you don’t hurt others with your actions. For this to work, you and your prospective partner will need mutual tolerance and lots of clear communication. It’s hard work, but it will bring you closer to your goal: a love without restrictions – and this will be worth it.

Your Career

Both the Sun and Pluto can be blamed for the fact that you’re so persuasive in 2017! You could sell sand at the beach. You’re able to persuade your boss, bankers, landlords, human resource manager, customers, and more that you are good and you are right. Saturn will make sure that this doesn’t go to your head, and he’ll keep you in touch with reality. In terms of your career, he’s at your side, guiding your ambition throughout the year. The best thing about this is that he always pulls you back when you miscalculate, overestimate, or threaten to be naïve.

Your Health

Generally, you are healthy, in good shape, and feel more inclined than ever to treat your body like a temple. The Sun and Neptune make this possible. The only obstacle you face is getting through the temptation of the summer. You’ll abandon your principles, eat poorly, go out too frequently, and forget what helps you most: being in nature, in all its purity. How to trick yourself back into being good? Book a holiday by the sea this summer, and get some rest and relaxation.