Annual Horoscope for Libra Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: You Will Outdo Yourself in 2017

In your eyes, life is a balancing act, a series of tightrope walks, and the only ones who’ll get ahead are those who can keep steady and stay upright. This philosophy will serve you well in the coming year, with the Sun as the ruler of 2017. The regents of your decan are Venus and Mercury, both of which planets work beautifully together with the Sun. This guarantees that the new year will be a happy one for you. In your job, as in your private life, you’ll feel great, be successful, and be happy—and you won’t have to worry about losing the moderation that you love so much.

Besides the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, you can also count on Uranus. This planet is directly opposed to your decan and provides a well-tempered life, which is neither monotonous nor boring. But then, Uranus will also topple the scale a bit, and make your life more exciting. He’ll give you the opportunity to meet interesting people, sometimes even those who will end up steering your views of life in a different direction

Even from Saturn – usually a bad omen – you have nothing unpleasant to expect. He’ll accompany you further in 2017. Why are you here? The answer is to seek justice, love, and freedom. Whether you operate globally or locally, in your country, in the world, or in your office, your factory, your shop—the scale is up to you. But one thing is certain: if you stand up for your ideals, you can count on the help of Saturn.

The heavens have something special in mind for you in 2017, for the reason that Jupiter will be in your sign for the entire year. This star is generally considered a bringer of luck, and it has had that reputation since ancient times. None of its efficacy has been lost in time. Even when it seems like everything is going wrong – say, you lose your wallet – you’ll be lucky enough to get it back without anything missing. When you look back at 2017, at the end of the year, you’ll be content and happy with your progress: you got the job, know a person who loves you and whom you love; you’ll be healthy and generous enough to let someone else profit from Jupiter’s gifts.

Your Love Life

Each Libra was born for love. Which also means that each Libra thinks their life’s mission is to find the One with whom they can realize this love. But in fact, “born for love” means more than hot dates and hotter nights. Love with a capital L is an attitude towards life, one that can be felt with everyone and everything. It is nice to have a partner, but it is even nicer to give your love to all of life. Then you’ll make the wonderful discovery that life loves you just as much. You feel raised up, fulfilled, at home. And best of all, loved by many. By enriching your life with your ingenious imagination and creativity, you become someone who is desired, adored, and your every wish will be fulfilled. On the other hand, if you limit your immense capacity for love to only one person, sooner or later, you are bound to be disappointed. One single person is simply too small a recipient for your great love.

Your Career

Your career opportunities in 2017 are not only superb, but you can expect to truly outdo yourself this year. Your three supporters when it comes to success are Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter. Saturn will teach you to keep trying no matter what. Whenever you think of giving up or indulging your laziness, he’ll give you an unexpected win that will help you realize you need to keep trying, keep up the fight. This planet will give you lots of strength in conflicts and the strength for self-assertion. If need be, opponents and naysayers will be cleared away. And this will be accomplished without a fight. How will you do it? Simply by being better. The best will win. Uranus will take you by the hand and guide you step by step to where your talent shows to its best advantage. Your karma compels you to contribute to the formation of the world. If you find yourself working at something where your talents are not being put to use, then Uranus will guide you somewhere else. Jupiter, the most important of all, will further give you the quantum of luck necessary to be successful in life.

Your Health

Will you be starting the year fit and vital? Or are you lacking energy? This depends on your diet. Even the smallest imbalance – whether too much fat, too much spicy or salty food – will put your bowels on the alert. You do not need to be a monk, but after each lapse, you should make a plan to compensate by eating well for a day or two. Take your vitamins, get your beauty sleep, or try fasting. Equally important for your health is drinking enough liquids. To keep your kidneys in good health, this is a prerequisite for your physical and mental wellbeing.