Annual Horoscope for Libra Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: You’re the Lucky Duck of 2017

The coming year will be ruled by the Sun. This is already a plus for you because the Sun heightens the effects of your sign’s positive traits, with your great faculty for love in first place. But that’s not all the benefits 2017 has for you, by a long shot: from the first day of the new year until October, Jupiter, the best planet of all, will be in your sign of the zodiac, Libra. This puts you at the front of the line for luck. Jupiter stimulates a point in your head that exhales happiness hormones. You wake in the morning and, first thing, think of something nice. When you check in with your body, nothing aches – on the contrary – you’re happy to exercise and wake up energetic and motivated. During the day, you find yourself happy about little things: flowers, clouds, laughing children, friendly strangers. Your happiness also helps you deal with small challenges smoothly. For example, you’ll always find a parking space, choose the right line at the supermarket, and get a good deal on products that you’re looking for.

Uranus will also be in an advantageous position for you in 2017. You have already a good relationship to this planet because he is the sub-ruler of your decan. This year, Uranus is directly opposite your sign, which means that you’ll meet him very often. Of course, not the real Uranus, but his human representative. These personifications are people who amuse you, whether with funny jokes, or interesting suggestions, who invite you to try new things, and all make your life more exciting.

Saturn is also on your side. Typically, he’s seen as a troublemaker, one to be watched, but in your case, he’s helpful and supportive and will take good care of you. Because of Jupiter’s influence, you may be so lucky that you become reckless—here’s where Saturn will step in and stop you.

Finally, a note on Pluto, who will square your sign in 2017. You have such good luck with Jupiter that Pluto could awaken in you a dormant desire for power: “it can all be yours…” he’ll say. Resist this voice, and stay true to your values. Don’t only think of yourself, but also of your impact on the whole world!

Your Love Life

Jupiter stimulates processes in your body that create an aura around you. This aura attracts romantic partners like a magnet. It is a mixture of erotic pheromones and a fine glow. As a consequence, you will have more chances for love in 2017 than ever before. It is actually quite certain that you’ll meet extraordinary new people with Jupiter in this position: they’ll seem like almost supernatural beings, who will enchant you and set your heart ablaze. They will awake your desire and admire you, but not constrict your freedom or bully you. You’ll have everything you’ve been dreaming of, but don’t rush into anything—if you’re just starting a relationship, it’s too soon to consider getting married or building a house. You may well love someone, declare this person your best friend, meet regularly, travel together, and plan for the future – but do not think of a wedding just yet. Such a love will stay fresh, hot, and passionate and never become routine.

Your Career

As mentioned above, Jupiter in your sign gives you a special aura. When you enter a room, people are compelled to offer you respect. Even before you’ve said a word. Uranus encourages you to take the spotlight, try new things, and get out of your routine. His encouragement will remind you that you are someone. Still, in between, you’ll have to struggle with Pluto’s influence. He’ll occasionally lower your self-conscience, but your positive stars are stronger. Self-doubt will be gone as quickly as they came. There’s no question that you’ll finish 2017 happy and proud of what you've accomplished.

Your Health

Neptune stands in your Sixth House of Health, which can bring with it stress and fatigue. In your case, Neptune’s presence here means withdrawal, reflection, contemplation, and relaxation. This is because, in retreating to your inner self, you find calmness and are able to recharge your batteries. You’ll be inclined to skip a social evening and treat yourself to a weekend without the family. You are a Libra—this means your medicine is the muses: listen to music, take a walk in the park, sit in a comfortable chair and watch a love story on TV – this keeps you healthy.