Annual Horoscope for Libra Born of the First Decan

Annual Horoscope for Libra Born of the First Decan

2017 will be ruled by the Sun, and this signals good conditions for you from the start of the year on. But an even better sign that you have a good year ahead of you is your relationship to Jupiter, the “planet of luck”. Jupiter will be in your sign’s section of the chart until October, making you the zodiac sign with the closest proximity to fortune. Don’t expect the money to fall from the sky, to suddenly move into your dream house, or, of course, to immediately find your dream partner. You may achieve one of these goals this year, but really, the message from Jupiter is that you should try to make yourself happy from the inside out. The external happenings around you will seem less important than your inner peace.

For the next twelve months, Uranus will be directly opposite your sign. This is good as long as you know what he has in store for you. Uranus can be a real troublemaker and can cause unpleasant disruptions in your life. For example, he can free you from situations that are unworthy of you – a noble cause – but one that can – wreak havoc on your relationships. Be prepared for trouble in the coming months. On the other hand, Uranus also creates opportunities for you to meet new and often unconventional people, who will make your life a lot more interesting.

It’s also important for you to be aware of Pluto’s role this year. This orb is in a demanding position in relation to your sign, Libra. Great things are possible for you, even a radical new start. In any case, things will not stay the same as they were at the beginning of the year. Sometimes Pluto sends dark shadows, too. This happens when someone takes over something from their ancestral line that has not yet been straightened out. This sounds mysterious – and it is. But there’s no doubt that we all, to some extent, take on the challenges of our ancestors in the effort to bring them to an end. If you can, find out more about your ancestors, their past, and its relevance today. In psychology as in astrology, it’s better to know as much as you can: what you lift into your consciousness can no longer be as threatening as the unknown.

Your Love Life

Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, you, as a Libra, are not only the most sensual – you were downright born for love. The ruling planet of your signs decan (those with birthdays from September 24 to October 2) is Venus, also known as Aphrodite, whose charm bewitched in classical antiquity. In 2017, Venus will give you even more erotic magic, allowing you to choose from the best of potential partners. Your current partner – if you have one – will also profit from your cosmic gift, becoming younger instead of older, more charming instead of grumpier, more generous instead of stingy. If you are single at the moment and looking for a serious partner, then Jupiter will also get involved: as early as spring, he’ll send you suitable candidates. The person you choose will stay by your side long-term.

Your Career

As a Libra, you came to this world with a great creative drive. You want to beautify everything around you. In 2017, you’ll be able to develop your talent with the help of Jupiter and Venus working in tandem. Hobbies that you had been practicing more or less in the background will now become your chief activities. You may also find yourself taking more initiative at work, and doing your own thing. Some amongst you will choose to leave your present jobs, and instead begin something new, that gives you the opportunity to be more creative day today. With Jupiter and the other planets in your chart spurring your creativity in 2017, you’re sure to find career success.

Your Health

In 2017, there is only one risk when it comes to your health: in your frenzy of creative activity, you could overdo it and burn yourself out. If you find yourself at your wit’s end, be careful and slow down. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out peace and quiet. Always be aware that your kidneys are your astrological weakness. As soon as you are not one hundred percent, it’s your kidneys that demand your attention. You may first notice this as a general fatigue and dullness. Gradually, it could develop into a bigger problem. To compensate for this inherent weakness, try to drink at least two liters of water or tea a day.