Annual Horoscope for Leo Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: Fortune Is by Your Side

Each year is ruled by a different star, and in 2017, it’s the Sun’s turn to reign. As this orb is also the ruler of Leo, the year will be yours to enjoy. Throughout 2017, you will be accompanied by a wild and majestic esprit that will make those who meet you hold their breath. Have you noticed it yet? When you enter a room, a café, or a bar, for example, immediately everyone’s attention is on you – even if only for a moment. Most people don’t even notice this phenomenon, but it’s a mechanism, a law, that Leos attract attention. This is because the Sun is your ruling planet. Up in the sky, everything revolves around you. With the Sun ruling 2017, this magnetism will become all the more apparent.

The year already sounds great, and we haven’t even mentioned Jupiter yet. This planet will be in your Third House of Communication until October. It is as if you were sitting in a chariot and led to your luck. No kidding! With Jupiter in this position, you are closer to fortune than others. Just don’t expect the money to fall from the sky: with Jupiter in your Third House of Communication, it will be your own expression of ideas that brings luck your way. Don’t look outwards for inspiration in this regard, but rather within. Once you have found it in yourself, you will also find it in the world outside.

Another planet is helping you as well: Uranus, who is in your Ninth House. From there, he sends you signals that will help you get out of any rut, and off the beaten track in 2017. You may experience a new beginning this year. Perhaps you’ll start work in a different company – naturally, in a better position. Despite his benefits, Uranus can also make you heedless and overconfident. He may lead you to believe in something that will turn out to have been an illusion, so remember to be critical of anything that seems too good to be true.

Enter Saturn—though he is normally known as a bad guy, this year he’ll become one of your protectors. His position makes you more careful, meaning that you don’t always trust fortune implicitly, but rather use your experience to make informed choices.

Your Love Life

Jupiter will be connected to your sign in a magical way until fall. Judging by his position and the positions of Uranus and Saturn, you will meet at least one person in 2017 who will blow your mind, making you so happy that you cannot imagine anything better. If you’re single, this could mean that you finally find The One. If you’re already in a good relationship, you are likely to meet someone who enriches your life in another way – as a mentor or a teacher. From this point on, you’ll have someone who can make you feel better with a single word. If your relationship is unfulfilling, it’s also possible that you’ll leave your current partner. If so, be confident that you will find someone with whom everything is better.

Your Career

At the beginning of the year, you’ll hear quite often about important positions needing to be filled: the stars and the classifieds seem to agree—a Leo, please! As a natural leader, everyone wants someone like you as boss. You’re confident and attractive, and people like doing business with you. You’re an employee to be proud of. However, you should never rest on your laurels, and if you want to maintain this perception of yourself, you’ll need to come up with some new ideas. As mentioned, Uranus in your horoscope means that you’re not up to making any dubious compromises. And why should you be? In 2017, the world is yours.

Your Health

As a Leo of the third decan, born between August 13th and 23rd, there is another regent at your side: Mars. This planet is responsible for your well-being. In 2017, you have an open invitation to do more for your fitness. With the power of both the Sun and Mars, you’ll find that you have extra energy for running laps in the park or doing lengths at the swimming pool. If you’ve been sedentary lately, you may finally sign up for a gym membership. When it comes to your health, your motto for 2017 should be “get off the sofa!”. Without enough exercise, you’ll not only put on some extra pounds, you’ll find yourself lagging internally – an absolute no-go for Leo’s, who are characterized by their love of life.