Annual Horoscope for Leo Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: You’re in Luck

Whenever the Sun rules, as it does in 2017, it’s also the year of Leo, giving your sign a wonderful advantage. You have an automatic advantage over the other signs, allowing you to get ahead. Your personal strengths – your charisma and self-esteem, your good taste and your engaging kindness – will all be enhanced in 2017. They’ll also play an important role when it comes to recruitment and promotions and be decisive factors when it comes to flirting and love. You can look forward to the new year with full optimism, but you also have to be aware that so much fortune may awaken feelings of envy in others. If you want to avoid this, you may need to work somewhat against your nature, and resist flaunting your good luck in front of others.

Like the Sun, Jupiter is also a guarantor of a great year. Known as the “Planet of Luck”, there will be a direct connection between this planet and your sign until October. You’ll get news that you would rather not hear, but everything happens for a reason, and these announcements will lead you to be in the right place to find your fortune. This kind of luck will begin with small things, like always finding a parking spot, and you may even find that bets tend to go your way.

Uranus is also in a favorable position to your sign. He’s one that you need to know in order to be well-positioned. Uranus’ power leads you off of the beaten track, and he does not like to have a routine. When you’re within Uranus’ reach, you’re better off knowing about his strong effects so that you don’t end up making hasty decisions that you will later come to regret.

Saturn is also working on you this year. His influence will make your more creative ideas make sense, but he also expects that you’ll act realistic and follow through.

Your Love Life

The Sun, as regent of the year, will make you even more attractive and sensuous than usual. But in 2017, your real luck will come from Jupiter. As a Leo, you’re one of the most blessed signs of this year: everyone wants to get to know you better. If you’re in a relationship, your partner’s love for you will sizzle anew, and by spring, singles will already be enjoying the perks of this year’s blessings. If you want to capitalize on these great prospects, then pack your bags in summer and go on holiday with your sweetheart or best friend because Jupiter rules long-distance travel. As soon as the wheels are rolling, you’ll be happy. If you start your journey solo, don’t expect to spend your time away alone. As a Leo with stars like yours this year, you’ll attract anyone you set your sights on.

Your Career

With your magical stars, you have a great year ahead when it comes to your job. When it comes to influence or power, getting more interesting responsibilities or more money, you’ll be way out in front. Your self-esteem is huge and your optimism is contagious. So, you really do have enough reasons to be happy. With happiness covered, what you will have to work on this year is developing the ability to keep cool, and cultivating a healthy degree of skepticism. When it seems as though everyone is on your side, consider what they have to gain from that alliance. If you exaggerate or are reckless and arrogant, you'll be quickly checked, whereas if you're cautious and clever, you'll be rewarded in kind.

Your Health

This year you’ll be able to get an even better handle on any chronic symptoms that you experience. If you’re already in good health, you’ll stay fit for the next 12 months. This doesn’t give you a license to be idle, however; fight your inherent laziness by registering at a fitness studio, ideally one that you can go to with friends. This will help motivate you and keep it fun. Don’t take your good health for granted; stay as fit as possible, and you can maintain your good health well after 2017.