Annual Horoscope for Gemini Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: Miracles Can Happen with Jupiter by Your Side

If you could compile your own program for the year, you would surely wish for happiness, fun, easiness, good entertainment, and enough money. Since you also already know that you tend to lose yourself easily in a boisterous lifestyle, you also wish for a quantum of seriousness. 2017 will bring you both. The Sun, regent of the coming year, is fond of you, and gives you winning charisma. You casually overcome all obstacles in your path. Of course, this can have consequences when it comes to your interpersonal relationships. If you don’t want to, you definitely don’t have to stay single in 2017. You have a certain aura right now that fascinates others and draws them towards you.

As said, the Sun is the regent of the coming year. After this, the Planet Uranus comes in. He not only reigns the first decan, but also has a very strong position for you in 2017. He’ll make your life more exciting, add some variety, and arrange some adventures. You can also count on Jupiter in the coming year: the so-called Planet of Luck will still be on your side. Even though his influence will diminish in 2017, luck is still on your side, so consider buying a lottery ticket, or taking another small gamble. Saturn will be there too, making sure that you don’t lose yourself in your dreams. He will be exactly opposite your sign of the zodiac decan the whole year. Usually, this would be considered bad luck, but, in combination with your otherwise favorable stars, Saturn is a strong supporter. Not only will you have great ideas and offers, you’ll also be able to put them into practice.

Your Love Life

Will you find happiness in love in 2017? Well, yes and no. Yes, because the Sun is the sovereign of the coming year, and he’ll make you desirable and enchant you with a magic that makes you an ideal partner. The Sun will make your greatest wish come true: to talk about anything and everything…for hours. So why the “no”? Because in 2017, your career will be your top priority—even more important than the greatest partner could be. You can think of this in another way too: this year, the best partner is your boss. It might not be a typical relationship: you’re not going to share a bed, or go bar-hopping and drink beer. Instead, you’ll plan how to expand the company further and find out where, exactly, your place is within it. Secondly, you have to consider Saturn. This planet places a lot of demands on a partnership. His influence leads to the rejection of a lot of candidates that would usually meet your expectations. In some cases, this could go as far as you separating from a partner who does not meet your requirements.

Your Career

When it comes to your job, you can enjoy a sense of security, in that there are unlikely to be layoffs or the like. And even if there are – you'll be spared. It's more likely that you'll get a better job offer and more money. If you are self-employed, and maybe have a small shop or a business, you can expect good revenue. If you've been thinking about enlarging your business, you'll get a relatively favorable loan from your bank. Your stars will also help you find a better flat and book your holidays so that you can really relax and have a great time. Nonetheless, your success in 2017 depends 100 % on your relation to Saturn. As mentioned, he'll be exactly opposite your decan for the whole year, keeping a sharp eye on you. This means that you have to be precise and prepared in everything you do. Great ideas don't mean much in this case: Saturn wants to see results. On the other hand, if you position yourself accordingly, the year 2017 could be one of your most successful years.

Your Health

Your great stars are almost a guarantee that you’ll stay healthy this year. In fact, if you were suffering from a health problem last, year, it is likely to get better in 2017. The main cause of your physical or psychological woes is definitely stress. This stress is caused by everything that is too noisy, too fierce, or too loveless. You’ll need to find a way to satisfy Saturn without exposing yourself to stress.