Annual Horoscope for Gemini Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: Fortune is Looking for You

In 2016, you didn’t always have the luckiest stars on your side, but this will come to an end in 2017. First of all, the Sun rules this year, and you are on pretty good terms with him. This means that the Sun will provide you with warmth in your heart all this year. With the Sun’s favor, you’ll find yourself an even more pleasant person than usual, with whom others enjoy spending their time. Secondly, this year Uranus has a better access to your sign, so it will be easier for you to make changes that benefit you. The influence of Uranus has already encouraged you to make a few changes to your life in the past year, to finally make it better. But up to now, there has been too much turmoil, and too much counterforce to these changes, leading most people to revert back to their old ways. But now, Uranus is stronger and supported by the Sun. Finally, it’s the right time to make the changes that you’ve known for a long time are necessary.

In addition to the influence of the Sun and Uranus, Neptune will connect you with all of your guardian angels: leading you to feel protected in a caring embrace. Finally, another planet has to be mentioned. Not because he’ll help you, exactly, but because he is finally leaving a position that has brought you more than your fair share of trouble recently: Saturn. For the entire year last year, he stood in opposition to your sign’s decan. Now that he has finally left this position, you’ll feel a great deal of relief. With Saturn’s departure, you'll encounter fewer obstacles, quarrels, misfortune, and other unpleasantness. Saturn will also leave you invigorated, Gemini. He put you through a hard time last year, and now you’re ready to take on some big challenges. You’re up for anything because Jupiter will be in a favorable position for your sign’s decan from March to August. This will give you a lot of advantages, both in your job and your private life. In fact, you could say that fortune is looking for you this year. So, you can look forward to the year of the Sun!

Your Love Life

Hello, happiness! Saturn, that big spoilsport, has left his unfavorable position, as mentioned above. In his place, the Sun, regent of the year, and Jupiter will take the reins where your love life is concerned. This year your love life will be without complaints or complications. You have the chance to enjoy love and all its nuances. In the spring, your healthy ego will lead you to believe that anyone is attainable—and who knows? Confidence is half the battle. Countless adventures are waiting for you. You’ll meet people who are extraordinary, adorable, and very sexy. They’ll have you thinking you’re in heaven, thanking the stars for your unbelievable luck. Then, most likely in June or July, someone will appear that you have known for a while already. But suddenly—everything is different. When you realize this, you’ll never want to let this wonderful creature go again. Geminis who are already in a solid relationship will experience the power of the stars just as fiercely and feel the pull of intimacy with their partner, as the passion of your early days together is reignited.

Your Career

With Jupiter and Uranus working for you, you have the best team at your side. Both planets will benefit you. Uranus brings novelty to your life, and Jupiter gives his blessing. The two of them together will make you a high flyer. Here, creativity and ingenuity pair up with experience and luck. This combination has a promotion, more responsibility, and more money written all over it. Neptune will also play a role in your career for 2017, and he is ready to shake things up. Neptune finds himself in the house of your career. This means that everything that comes from you, and everything for which you will be measured in the public eye, will not get around old Neptune. This is a strong hint that you will only be successful in projects you approach with love and compassion.

Your Health

In a Sun year, and without Saturn’s quarrelsome nature, you have nothing to fear. The heavens are looking after you well. Still: it’s better to be safe than sorry. Your problem areas are your bronchia and lungs, meaning that smoking is even more harmful to you than for others. Furthermore, you react strongly to environmental pollutants. Therefore, you should be sure to get enough fresh, country air on a regular basis. You can also strengthen your respiratory system through aerobics, jogging and other forms of cardio.