Annual Horoscope for Gemini Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: Your Light and Breezy Side Shines

Sure, you know that—from an astrological point of view—you have two totally different sides: a bright, light and friendly one, and another one, the one that tends to make you more thoughtful and shy. In 2017, the Sun reigns, meaning that that light, breezy side of you will come to the fore, and your other side will be present, though more in the background.

Your biggest guarantor for an easy year is Jupiter. This planet is known in astrology as the “Planet of Luck”, and for good reason. He’s linked to your sign of the zodiac until October 2017, meaning that fortune is nearer to you than usual. Still, don’t expect money to fall from the sky, to immediately move into the mansion of your dreams, or to wake up in the arms of your dream partner. You also have to take the planet Uranus into account in the coming months. This planet is often like an old friend, who puts his arm around your shoulder and says: “Come on, let’s have a night out on the town!” In other words: your social life will flourish this year, and you’ll get a lot of invitations to enjoy the sunnier sides of life. Uranus does not like routine. Sometimes he’ll turn your head, and you’ll find yourself doing something that you’ll later regret. Again, like a bad-influence friend from college, it is better to be aware of Uranus and his strong effects so that you don’t let his influence get out of control.

Your Love Life

In 2017, Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, will reshuffle the pack—and you’ll be dealt an ace. Jupiter is in a positive trine with your sign’s decan, which will awaken your sensuality and your erotic magnetism. This will increase your chances of being happy in interpersonal relationships. The people you meet will not only be well-matched to your personality, but they’ll be single too—as if they’d been waiting for you! Does this sound like a fairytale? Well, it is the stuff they’re made of. When will this happen? If you’re in a hurry: Venus will already be in a good position in February. Then, she’ll provide you with a merry month in May. Look forward to some romantic highlights in July, and Venus will bless your sign of the zodiac in the second half of October. For Geminis that are already in a relationship, whose love may have lost some of its shine, Jupiter’s promise applies to you too: you will rediscover your love anew, come closer together, and enjoy a burst of fresh passion in the coming year.

Your Career

2017 is the year of the brave. Think you’re not brave? This year, think again, as Uranus and Jupiter both support your breakthrough! As early as spring, you’ll clearly feel that you can do more and that you want more. You’ll recommend yourself eagerly. In summer, you’re able to invest a lot of time in your own projects, becoming both effective and precise. Starting with August, you can feel free to start fielding offers: whether for sales, promotions, or completely new opportunities, your performance speaks for itself. Two tips, however: first, your stars support an internal promotion, but you may have even more power in negotiations if you set your sights on a completely different company. Second, examine your professional surroundings: not everyone who speaks well of you to your face has your best intentions at heart.

Your Health

The Sun and Jupiter will rejuvenate you in 2017. You will look and feel better and fitter. Both of these celestial beings enhance your desire to do sports. This will go so far that you’ll take part in one or more competitions with your new burning ambition. Some of you will even be seen at a marathon—and not in the audience. A healthy diet? Obviously! For the past few years, you’ve known what it feels like not to take care of your diet. Now you’re wiser—and therefore also healthier.