Annual Horoscope for Capricorn Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: You’ll Have Great Chances

2017 will be ruled by the Sun. This is favorable for you, Capricorn, because there is generally a good relationship between your sign and the Sun. This Sun will warm your heart, which should make you quite happy. You will notice this in the way your whole life will seem easier, and you’ll find yourself happy and smiling more often.

The planet that will decide everything is Pluto. This planet is in your sign’s decan, and is thus responsible for the destiny of those with birthdays from January 1st to 10th. Pluto gives you the opportunity to discover the treasure that your ancestors left behind for you. Everything your ancestors acquired in their lives is available for you through Pluto’s connection to the past. It’s as if they packed a suitcase full of their experience, skills, and knowledge, and you have the chance to pick it up from the station. You’re ready; you just need to decide what to do with it.

What’s your plan for 2017? It could be anything: Start a new job, get promoted, be transferred to another city, become self-employed, go back to school, or start studying on the side, travel, move to another country, become politically active, join an environmental organization, get married, have a child or grandchild. There are a thousand different possibilities open to you this year. But as a Capricorn, you’re not one to just throw yourself head over heels into a new life.

This is where Uranus comes in. He’ll chase away your doubts and uncertainties. Banish them. This planet squares the Sun of your birth, an aspect that requires some attention in astrology. You’re likely to get restless and start looking for more personal freedom and meaning in your life. And then Pluto comes in, offering you vast new possibilities for 2017. Perfect timing.

On to Saturn: This planet is especially important as the ruler of your sign, Capricorn. In the early months of 2017, he’ll be in a position to demand that you decrease your pace. Work is important, but it may have to take a back seat to other pursuits. Spend less time staring at your computer, and more time looking up at the sky, to meet your ally or spiritual helper. In other words, and less mystically phrased: expect for stress to keep itself at bay, giving you the opportunity to breathe deeply and seek balance.

Which is why Neptune’s plan actually fits in very well here. This planet will be at your side from March to December 2017. This star is considered to have a wondrous effect: she’ll be in your corner, helping you out, and you won’t even notice. Some things will just seem to happen by themselves, problems will disappear, knots will come undone, and you’ll be blissfully unbothered.

Your Love Life

I’m sure that you would never refer to your love life as cold or even chilly—and for good reason, with Venus, the planet of love, as the regent of your sign’s decan. It’s no wonder that you’re an especially sensual person. Of course, for you, the Sun will not always be shining in 2017, but there’s no one better to change a mood of crisis into a celebration of reconciliation. Just trust the power of your love and intuition; they’ll likely be telling you to use less talk and more touch with your partner. Little tricks like these will get you far in the Sun year of 2017; much farther than the attitude of “Let’s just see who can stick it out longer.” For singles, the same tips of tender touches apply, and there will be a change in the new year, when you decide to finally risk the adventure of a relationship.

Your Career

With your figurative suitcase full of treasures from the past, you’ll rise to every occasion in 2017. This year, you may truly witness the birth of a life that you have so far only lived in your dreams. At the end of the year, no Capricorn will be the same person as they were at the end of 2016. It’s quite certain that your karmic fortune will also see you making more money by the later months of the year—more than you’ve ever earned before. Saturn will ensure that this doesn’t go to your head, nor will he let you lose your grip on reality. He’ll watch over you in terms of your career, and guide your ambitions the whole year. In October 2017, Jupiter, planet of luck, will enter a very good position for you. By then at the latest, you will have a rich harvest.

Your Health

The Sun is the perfect healer, who keeps you healthy in her light—for free. She will shield you from things that are bad and unhealthy. Uranus, too, will help keep you in good shape. Finally, when Jupiter comes to stay, from October onwards, it’ll be like a stay at a cleansing spa, where you leave feeling reinvigorated and better than ever before.