Annual Horoscope for Capricorn Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: You Will Make It to the Top

The Sun will be your regent for the whole new year. Together with the other stars in your chart, it will cause a wondrous change: in your heart, a great basic trust will bloom – towards the world, other people, and yourself. One of the best consequences of this will be your ability to enjoy love and be more passionate than ever.

Jupiter will be in your tenth House until fall. This is the highest and most important section of your whole chart. The time this planet spends there will be about creating something great and important to harvest when Jupiter moves on in October. Then your hard work will be rewarded, and it will pay off that you abstained from certain things. What would it look like, if you were no longer employed at all? You would likely be on the lookout for a new challenge since days spent whiling away the hours would never satisfy you. You need to have a purpose, meaning, to your life. Should you find yourself with a blank page in front of you, and no idea what to do with it, you could consider taking adult education classes, or signing up for a weekend seminar to learn about astrology, the tarot, or whatever interests you. The stars would support your involvement with a charity or volunteer organization; maybe you finally sit down to write that book. No matter what occupies your time, know that you will not get through 2017 without being challenged.

Pluto will be your companion this year, on your journey towards money and success. This small but potent planet is in your sign of the zodiac, and he will lead the way for you. Or rather, to describe it in another way, he will switch the traffic lights from red to green, thereby giving you the go-ahead to pursue your goals. Where does this fortune come from? In your subconscious, there is a part of you that remembers the skills and expertise of your ancestors. Pluto allows you to draw on this knowledge.

And then, there’s also Neptune. This planet gives you a feeling of security. You just seem to know, what is right, what will be well-received, and what is better left unsaid. Your competitors might think that you have a sixth sense because you’re able to instinctively do what is right.

Uranus is active in your chart as well, but he won’t make it easy for you all the time. Sometimes, he will disturb you, but only when you seem to have lost your imagination. Uranus doesn’t like to see you in a rut; he wants you to get out of your routine and try something new.

Your Love Life

There are two stars in charge of your love life this year: Pluto channels to you the passion of hundreds of lives, allowing you to tap into your knowledge of the art of seduction. At the same time, the Sun makes you young and daring. Uranus, on the other hand, will make sure you have new experiences. Your image of the perfect partner will change. Suddenly, you may find that you’re no longer interested in partners of the same age as you. Or, perhaps you’ll fall in love with a man or a woman from a totally different cultural background. If so, you’ll enjoy a visit to your new love’s home country, and find yourself welcomed warmly into a new family.

For those of you who are already in a relationship, the year will not be entirely smooth sailing. There are certain behaviors that your partner will need to change if your relationship is to stay afloat. If nothing changes, a separation could be ahead for you. But don’t panic! No matter what happens, it will turn out well in the end, with you happy and fulfilled. Capricorns are one of the few signs that are able to lead happy and fulfilled lives when they are single. If you do separate from your partner, you’ll feel alright about it because you will have managed to remain true to yourself in 2017. You have so many interesting friends; dive into life, have some new experiences, and step outside your comfort zone. You’ll find yourself just as fulfilled as you were at home.

Your Career

Under the protection of the Sun and in the company of Pluto, you will deliver on your promise of becoming someone “great” one day. Saturn will help you with this. By fall at the latest, you’ll come out on top in an endeavor of your choosing. Whatever you set your heart on will go your way: you might be offered a management position, or choose to leave your job to spend more time with your family. Regardless of your pursuit, you can count on success.

Your Health

With the Sun as regent of the year, you have the best doctor there is and the best conditions to stay healthy. However, you do need to know that Pluto sees something in you that you have not yet recognized yourself; there may be protracted symptoms, certain predispositions, an inherited condition that you’ve taken over from your ancestors. If you notice anything amiss, don’t wait until your symptoms become dramatic to get checked out. If you’re diagnosed with an ailment in 2017, it will be because of Pluto’s influence.