Annual Horoscope for Cancer Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: Big Opportunities Await You

The coming year will be ruled by the Sun. As a Cancer, your personal regent is the Moon. Since the Moon gets her silver light from the Sun, you will bask in the Sun’s reflected glory for the whole year. It will be as if you are on a stage – illuminated by spotlights. Of course, this makes you more interesting. Your career will profit hugely. But even better are your prospects in love. In the corona of the Sun, you become even more desirable.

Even more important for you this year is Jupiter. He rules the third decan of Cancer, to which you belong. For the majority of the coming year, Jupiter will be in your fourth house, which represents your roots, family, and early childhood experiences. When it comes to your family, who gave you life and brought you into the world, Jupiter’s blessing will allow you to overcome and eliminate any standing disagreements. If there are any quarrels or long-standing grudges in your family, you’ll have a prime opportunity to deal with them in the coming months. Jupiter in your fourth house also means that your personal roots will become stronger—and, to continue this metaphor, not only your roots, but the whole tree, up to the top branches, will have the chance to flourish and bloom, blossom and produce fruit. Do you understand? Your life will grow in the months to come, and you’ll notice that you succeed more and more: You’ll earn more money, get more appreciation, and possibly, even more influence in society. Pluto stands exactly opposite your sign of the zodiac. With the Sun as the ruling planet of 2017, his influence gets stronger and stronger every day. It may be a challenge, but don’t be overwhelmed by the task at hand for you this year: learning to let go. This is one of the most difficult things for you. Whatever you love is important to you, and you tend to see it as a part of yourself. This means that letting go feels like cutting off your hand, losing a part of yourself forever, and in a way, that is true. Pluto represents transience, but there will also be a rebirth. Whether you let go a bit of your child, your partner, your current job, or your old friends, something new can happen: you can see the world in a different light and discover things to love about it.

Your Love Life

With your new world view, you naturally also become more interesting to potential partners, which could lead to a long-term partnership, if you let it. If you let go of your idea of the ideal partner, you make room for a real person to finally enter your life. You’ll notice in spring that you start meeting people who are really interested in a relationship and a partnership with you. From the stars’ point of view, it will not take long until you’re sure which of your admirers is ready for a serious relationship. In fall, Jupiter will move forward one sign of the zodiac, finding himself in your fifth house of pleasure. This has always been seen as sign of a happy marriage, suggesting that in September, Cancer-born will be visiting the register office in swarms. Picture this moment as the tree of your life finally bearing fruit.

Your Career

As mentioned, the Sun will provide you with good opportunities throughout the year. Still, the second half of the year will be the better for you, Cancer. If possible, you should schedule all important activities accordingly. This also applies to your dream of owning your own home, whether it’s your dream house or your first apartment. The stars advise signing the deed first in the second half of the year. In terms of your career, the stars advise you to do as little as possible on your own, and do as much as possible in a team! Social engagement can bring you big wins this year, whether that means joining a committee at work or becoming active in a charity for a cause that’s important to you.

Your Health

Jupiter is in your fourth house until fall, which means that your body-mind-soul are in the process of regenerating themselves. This is a prime time for you to make improvements to yourself in terms of your health, wellbeing, fitness, and overall beauty. By the time Jupiter departs your fourth house – in October – he’ll leave you feeling fantastic: healthier, more vital and even younger. This vitality will stay with you through the fall and winter, when the usual seasonal colds and flu seem to pass you by.