Annual Horoscope for Cancer Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: You Need to be Well-prepared

2017 will not be all sunshine and roses for you, dear Cancer. This year, you’ll have to work hard. On the other hand, your efforts will be rewarded. You can get a long way, but you will also need to be prepared for the cosmos to be tough on you this year. Pluto is in opposition to Cancer, and this planet can awaken huge powers within you. It can also give you access to skills that you gained in previous lives. But sometimes, this power brings with it dark shadows that can spread to the rest of your life. The positive energy of the Moon, your ruling planet, is sure to help you. The Moon will always be by your side.

While Pluto will be opposing Cancer, you also need to know what Jupiter, the planet of luck, is up to. Until October 2017, Jupiter will be in such a position that he demands your attention. If you don’t keep an eye on his movements, there could be trouble ahead when it comes to your personal wellbeing. In particular, success or failure in your career is linked to this planet. This means that it is important not to get in your own way, for example, by doubting your abilities: in 2017, you do not need to fear anything or anyone. Uranus is also in a challenging position to your sign of the zodiac this year. The influence of this planet compels you to look for more freedom and more meaning in your life. With its help, you can break free from routines that have turned into ruts. To benefit from Uranus, however, you’ll need to be ready to accept change in your life. Neptune will be at your side for 2017. With him, you can relax and – if needed – take comfort. Neptune is a wonderful planet because he keeps the ugly and rough away from you. Furthermore, now and again he will open a small window into the world of wonders. You only need to close your eyes to regain your strength and come back to your daily routine full of peace and happiness.

Your Love Life

There’s no point in mincing words: your love life will not be easy this year. You’ll have the protection of Neptune, and the Sun, regent of 2017, is also at your side. These are both strong allies to have, but Saturn and Uranus will have you cornered, and Pluto is in opposition to your decan. The most important thing for you to do is to look after yourself. Only when you are strong do you feel good, and this has a positive effect on your relationships. You need to make yourself your top priority, and not your partner, or even your children. For the singles amongst you, this means: do not let yourself be pulled into a relationship where you know from the beginning you’ll be in a nurturing role and will have to mother your partner. Look for a person who is your equal in strength. The best times to meet your soulmate are early in the year, January and February, in April, and the summer months. The fall will be your best time for love all year, so look forward to seeing what the autumn will bring.

Your Career

You are quite brave and determined. Still, as a Cancer, you have a tendency to stay where you are and make no attempt to rise higher on the career ladder. This may have been the right strategy so far. But in 2017, you should make decisive moves to get promoted and earn more money. If this is not the case in your current job, then it is time for a change. You’re too good to wait around forever, and someone out there will recognize this talent. Whatever bold move you choose to chase this dream, you’d do better not execute your plans alone. The stars suggest that you should not carry out a plan without consulting your close friends, your partner, or maybe even an expert. Don’t rush to take these steps: the second half of the year is better for changes to your job.

Your Health

In 2017, you have a good defense against infection, thanks to the influence of Pluto. As mentioned, he will give you access to the power of your past. But the feeling that you can do everything can also make you careless. Your health problems this year will relate to one common theme: you have a certain tendency to dry out. You can take this literally, and supply your body with clear spring water, which you can get in every health store. You may also experience some symptoms of rheumatism in 2017. Even emotionally, you’ll react more dryly than usual. You don’t have to see this as a negative, but rather as a sign of maturity and serenity.