Annual Horoscope for Cancer Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: You Will Blossom

2017 is ruled by the Sun. This means that the positive traits of each sign of the zodiac will be illuminated, while their more negative traits will stay in the shadows. As a Cancer of the first decan – favorably radiated by the Moon – you are especially good-natured and peaceable. You are the soul of every team and the Italian Mama in every family you’re part of –whether you’re a man or a woman, you take on the role of caretaker and nurturer. You spin an invisible net around every community you are part of, protecting it from the outer world and imbuing it with a special feeling of solidarity and comfort. It is precisely these skills that will make you happy in love and successful in your career in 2017. The best thing this year has in store for you is a complete lack of pretense. There’s no need to be anyone but who you are: this year, you will reach your goals through your very own qualities – your feeling, intuition, solicitude and instinctive knowledge.

Besides the Sun, Neptune is also keeping a protective arm around you this year. Neptune is a wonderful planet because he keeps the ugly and rough away. Now and then, he opens a small window for you into the world of wonders. You only need to close your eyes to regain your strength and come back to your daily routine, full of peace and happiness. Another important friend in 2017 is Pluto. He is in Capricorn, the sign opposite to yours on the zodiac. Of course, he has been there in previous years, but now you’ll feel his influence all the more, thanks to the influence of the Sun. Pluto’s gift for you consists of a number of abilities that you have collected over the years, plus all the experience of your ancestors: all of these will be passed on to you by Pluto. This means that you have an amazing opportunity to advance in your career and earn more money.

Your Love Life

The regent of your decan is the Moon. As you know, our Moon gets her light from the Sun. As the energy of the Sun is especially strong in a year ruled by that star, so does the Moon profit from this power. This has the potential to strongly affect your relationships. If you’re single, you’ll find flirting is easy, and suitable partners are on parade, with the Moon seeking a mate for you for all it’s worth. For couples, the Moon’s power will increase your mutual affinity, intimacy, and eroticism, and leave you feeling like you just met, albeit with the knowledge that you belong together. The stars will transform your love life into a garden of delight. On each corner, however, temptation will be lurking, heavenly and diabolic. Some Cancers will stay true, and some Cancers will follow their lust secretly and in disguise.

Your Career

Your professional daily routine is also under the reign of the Sun. This means, for example, that you may meet a person who’s so convinced of your skills that they offer you a job on the spot. Or, you meet someone who – just by chance – gives you advice that you know exactly how to implement. Third possibility: You see an offer in a newspaper and – boom! – find it was made just for you. The best is yet to come, for Pluto is standing strong and will open doors to your ancient past. Whatever you have learned in past lives will now become available.

It sounds unbelievable, but is there another explanation for some of your newfound abilities than that you are drawing on expertise from former lives? How else could you master a new profession in which you had no experience up to now? Whatever cause you choose to attribute to it, you’ll definitely notice that your stock is rising. You’ll be chosen to head a group of your peers in order to deal with an urgent problem. If you spend time abroad, you’ll settle in so quickly that you’ll have the feeling you’ve been living there your entire life. Will 2017 be stressful? Yes—you’ll have lots to get used to, but more on that in the next paragraph.

Your Health

Saturn is in a position in which he can decide whether you will feel well in 2017 or if your year will be riddled with problems. Whether this year has smooth sailing or stormy seas in store for you is up to his judgment. As mentioned, 2017 will be a momentous year for you. The waves can lift you up higher than you ever imagined, but they can also plunge you deep underwater and force you to swim for your life. Dear Cancer, you really need to work hard to keep yourself in good health this year, and not give into your inclination to go to your vices. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your wellbeing. The key to your health and wellbeing this year is balance: If you work a lot, you also need to get a lot of sleep. If you sit a lot, then you need to make sure you get enough exercise. If you work inside, get out in the fresh air as much as possible. Balance is the key to keeping your head above water in 2017.