Annual Horoscope for Aries Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: A Lot Will Change

As an Aries born of the third decan, a lot depends on your particular ruling planet, Jupiter. His course determines your destiny. Until October of the coming year, this planet will be in direct opposition to your sign of the zodiac. This means that fortune will be waiting for you around every corner.

Don’t expect money to fall from the sky, or to suddenly find yourself living in your dream house with the perfect partner by your side—but, put a little effort into reaching your goals, and you’ll find that Jupiter gives you that extra boost to help you get where you want to be. It’s not wonderful Jupiter alone, however, who determines your destiny. There’s also Uranus, who will be directly in your decan’s section for the next twelve months. Uranus is a great individualist. After all, he pursues the goal of making a special and unique person out of you. How does this work? Always consider how you can highlight your individuality. Don’t about what everyone else is doing. Think of Uranus when you go shopping, for example, and be true to your original self. When it comes to how you live, what you read, even what you watch on TV, you have your own preferences and they’re often not the same as what everyone else is into. What do you get out of this deviation from the mainstream? You’re following your spiritual destiny. You came to earth as a special creature of light: 2017 is the year to make the most of this. Uranus can bring you joy in your individuality, but it can also create a certain restlessness. This will become all the more palpable, the farther you are from your authentic self. Stay true to who you are, and Uranus will free you from the uncomfortable uncertainty of daily life. The third cosmic power that will influence your life this year is Saturn. He may have a bad reputation, but Saturn will bring you only good things in 2017. His mission is to polish all the sharp corners and rough edges of your daily routine. Saturn will provide you with endurance and the ability to see the overall connection between events. Pluto will also have an effect on your life this year, as the planet squares your sign of the zodiac. This aspect opens doors deep into your subconscious, which will be good for you if you know how to handle it.

Your Love Life

Be happy! Your stars are in such a good position that you might think you’re in heaven. Expect your sex to become more passionate, and your relationships to become more exciting, invigorating, and varied. You are guaranteed to experience heavenly moments, unparalleled intensity, and unbelievable romantic tension. How do you react? Don’t run away from your happiness. Enjoy the bliss of the many pleasant moments coming your way, and let negative thoughts go without tormenting yourself.

For all those Aries already in a relationship, and worried about missing out on all this, expect your harmonious relationships to get even better. There will not be a second this year when you consider adultery. Where trouble is brewing, you’ll find yourself able to patch things up with Jupiter’s help, and to start afresh, stronger and better. If the relationship is already at death’s door, an affair can actually bring it back to life and fan the flame anew. Never fear—Jupiter is on your side.

Your Career

You’re in an enviable position, Aries, because along with Leo and Sagittarius, you’re one of the signs with the most beautiful stars of 2017. While this will bring you many benefits if you put in a bit of effort, don’t think that you’re invincible.

Uranus will be in your sign for the whole year. This planet can have a negative influence, in that it can make you think there are no rules or boundaries for you. You might think you can live for the moment without a thought for tomorrow, but forget it. Take the time to calmly consider your life from a critical distance so that you can see when you’re going too far before it’s too late. You may have great stars, but you don’t have a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Your Health

Mars will leave a mark when it comes to your fitness and well-being in the new year: to stay healthy, you need to exercise. Take inspiration from the fiery planet and let that fire get you up and moving—every day. Even Aries couch potatoes need to realize the saying is true: use it or lose it! Even twenty minutes of exercise a day is enough. When can you relax? Your absolute comfort phases are in February, March, and August. During these times, you can afford to enjoy an escapade or two, and not worry about getting carried away.