Annual Horoscope for Aquarius Born of the Third Decan

Theme for 2017: You’ll Get Rich Inside and Out

Each year is ruled by a central orb. In 2017, it is the Sun’s turn. What does this mean for you? Will you be fortunate? All signs point to yes. In fact, the Sun will be generous to all twelve signs of the zodiac, but you, an Aquarian of the third decan, will be a favorite. More precisely, through the happy cooperation of the Sun and Jupiter, you’ll be first in line when fortune is handed out in 2017. In astrology, Jupiter is known as the planet of luck. In his cornucopia, there is a magic that makes life more pleasant and clears up all problems.

Sometimes the luck he gives is enough to make a lottery-win possible. He’s also the benefactor of many great partnerships. In 2017, Jupiter will trine your sign until October, which you can visualize as being held in his beneficent embrace. With the Sun as the ruler of 2017, there’s an unspoken agreement that Jupiter will care for your inner life, while the Sun takes care of external conditions. This means that 2017 will bring you one of the luckiest happenstances in life: richness both inside and out. One of these alone is never enough; as an Aquarius of the third decan, 2017 is set to bring you both kinds of wealth—and what wealth! Fame, honor, and increased income are all yours to claim from the Sun, and Jupiter will offer you emotional and erotic satisfaction.

But everything so far has left out the most important planet of the year for you: Uranus, ruler of your sign. Uranus will be in fire sign Aries, and the Sun makes him especially strong. This suggests that in 2017, you'll return to the most defining qualities of your sign: as an Aquarius, you are a special, unique person. You're even willing to give something up in order to devote yourself to a task you find fun. You want to decide how long, how much, and how hard you will work. Uranus will contribute in no small way to a bit of chaos in the coming year, but really, isn't that exactly what you want? It's when life goes off the rails that the best adventures are had. Uranus brings out your unique character, and being like everyone else is really not for you.

Finally, even Saturn is at your service. This planet is said to slow things down, even to constrain action and put obstacles in one’s way. But for you, in 2017, he’ll make an exception. He’ll even help you, giving you practical skills. Thus, in 2017, you’ll finally put some ideas into action that you’ve been carrying around for a while.

Your Love Life

When it comes to love, Venus comes into play. This oft-admired star rules your sign’s decan. Did you think that Venus would abandon you when things were going this well? Never. You’ll find your heart’s desire, your heart will overflow, and you’re guaranteed not to be alone. But your personal behavior, when it comes to love, will change a little. So far, you’ve been one who never bound themselves 100% to another person. Now, you’re thinking of a rewarding long-term relationship. If you’re single, your standards will be rising. You’ll flirt up a storm as usual, but you won't be quite as quick to jump into bed as in the past. There has to be "something more" going on for you to be interested in taking things between the sheets. Physical attraction is no longer enough to hold your interest. You want to be engaged on a spiritual and emotional level as well. Your best chances will be in the summer, when even the career-singles will be tempted to settle down and “say yes”. If the conditions are right, the question (and answer) will come easily. Fall is the perfect time to make a commitment to someone who stimulates you in multiple ways.

Your Career

In 2017, you’ll meet many people who will help you in your career. Sometimes they’ll nudge you into luck’s way. For this to happen, however, you can’t keep your work a secret. You need people with whom you can plan, develop projects, create visions. This collaboration will motivate you to be a better performer than ever.

You also need to get down off that high horse you sometimes ride. Try being curious and eager for knowledge instead of showing off that you know everything already. Let yourself get into new situations without judgment. Importantly, remember not to look for your happiness too far away. It’s here—in front of you!

Your Health

In January and February, the flu will threaten. Try to listen to your inner voice when it comes to when you need to take a break. Get enough rest, and say no to work when you've had enough. In May, the stars will compel you to seek more contact with nature: longer walks, healthier food, more sleep. With this strength, you’ll find your way into summer. From November on, consider taking vitamins as a preventative measure against winter colds.