Annual Horoscope for Aquarius Born of the Second Decan

Theme for 2017: Three Glorious Friends Will Guide You

You don’t fit easily in any box: you’re multilayered, brilliant, multidimensional, and sometimes more than a little chaotic. But on your stormy days, you have your best and most creative ideas, and this is when you generate the things that are most important to you: Variety! Change! Renewal! You break out of the daily grind.

In 2017, the heavens will support you in three different ways. First of all, with the Sun as the ruler of 2017, you’ll have an extra boost when it comes to all kinds of activities. Secondly, Uranus opposes your sign’s decan directly. This breaks all boundaries. You can do (or not do) almost everything you want to. Saturn, on the other hand, is also in a position that will have a constructive influence on you for the whole year. This planet helps ensure that your great ideas will not come to naught.

As your ruler, Uranus has a special effect on you. Like a fresh wind ripples through nature: moves the water, makes the morning fresh, cools the Sun’s rays – Uranus brings about a constant flow, variety, and always something new. This planet opposes your sign’s decan at the moment, from its current position in Aries – a fire sign. You didn’t really expect 2017 to be without its share of heated moments, did you? You know the feeling when everything is spinning around you as in a tornado, so that you just can’t wrap your head around it anymore? If so, then you also know that after this kind of storm, the wind calms down, and life takes on a new appearance: fresh, youthful, exciting and full of promise. The most important thing is that your life takes on something special and unique through these trying times. In the end, this is what your life is about: you are not an everyman, you are an Aquarian.

There is one planet whose influence you can look forward to especially in 2017: Jupiter. This star in linked to your sign until fall of the coming year, thus, you can count on his support. What does he offer you? Luck, in folds. Jupiter is the provider of that which makes life comfortable and nice. In the first place, health. Fortune in other forms is no good to you if you are not well enough to enjoy it. In second place, there’s money, to lead a good life. And in third place is a partner whom you love and who loves you in return. This last gift in particular – love – is near and dear to Jupiter, and he promises that no Aquarian of the second decan will be alone in 2017.

Your fortune isn’t complete yet, Saturn, who has a bad rap as a bit of a nuisance, will turn face and support you for the coming year. There will even be an extra bonus, in that you’ll get such tasks that particularly appeal to you. And, of course, you’ll make a dazzling impression with your competence. Get ready for a year in which Aquarians of the second decan have a decided advantage.

Your Love Life

You are a relatively casual person by nature, and in 2017, Jupiter will strengthen this trait: you probably haven’t been so blithe and happy for a long time. You are looking for love, sex, and tenderness – but not for a partnership, necessarily. Enjoy your freedom, until summer at least. Until then, you do your butterfly thing, fluttering from flower to flower. Don’t worry about having enough opportunities to find love; life is short, fun, intense, and absolutely to your taste. You don't make any promises; you simply enjoy. By September, though, you may be fed up with this kind of liaison, and find yourself longing for a partner. This person should not suit you for a day, but for tomorrow and the days and years to come. There are enough candidates for you to choose from. But for whom should you decide? Most of you will make the right decision, with many of those who are single or in relationships now living with their partners by Christmas of this year. If you have been in a relationship for some time, the year to come will be more than a little bumpy. Simply hold on and remember that the more you fill your everyday routine with fun and imagination, the better the ride will be.

Your Career

As regent of the year, and, additionally, your personal cosmic friend, the Sun will take good care of your success. And, as mentioned, you’ll be supported by both Jupiter and Saturn. Everything will go as always until the beginning of spring, but after that, things will get turbulent. You’re cunning and a good negotiator—so good, that you often profit even from negative situations. You may find that you have time to take on a side job in addition to your main hustle. Or that an annoying colleague takes leave for some reason, and you end up in their office, making even more money than before. You’ll have many chances to take a step up this year. The best of these chances will come in summer. Whatever important goals you are pursuing, schedule them to culminate in the summer months. If you are setting up your own business in 2017, work on your research and concept until the end of September. October is the right time to order your nameplate and kick things off!

Your Health

Jupiter is looking after you. Imagine him as your health coach, who won’t let anything bad get close to you. Your health is not at particular risk of anything this year, and by the end of the year, you’re likelier to find yourself healthier than you were at the start.