Annual Horoscope for Aquarius Born of the First Decan

Theme for 2017: You’ll Get Your Big Break

The coming year will be ruled by the Sun. This already sets your destiny on a good course from the beginning of the year. There’s generally a good relationship between your sign and the Sun. This means that any advantages you gain from the positions of the planets will be amplified by the Sun. What’s more, the Sun isn’t going to show up alone, but rather steps in with a fabulous team, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, all of which will help you. It will all start with Uranus, as he is the ruler of your sign. His orbit influences your destiny the most.

Like how a stirring wind brings refreshment in nature – clears the air, moves the water, cools the Sun’s harsh rays – Uranus brings constant movement to your life. He loves variety, and pushes you to try new things. Given that this planet currently finds itself in Aries, a fire sign, don’t expect to get through the year without experiencing some storms. Sometimes you’ll feel as though you were inside a tornado, with everything spinning around you, and no way of getting outside the funnel to wrap your head around it. But still, you know that once the storm has exhausted itself, the wind will die down, and life will go on anew. Luckily, the storms will not be as intense as they were in the past year, but you won’t be spared entirely. That being said, knowing you, you’re grateful for the action anyway. Isn’t a bit of chaos more fun than the daily grind? Because really, it’s Uranus who gives you your uniqueness. Being like all the others? No, that’s definitely not for you!

A very pleasant companion for a strong year is Jupiter, the planet of luck. Until October 2017, Jupiter will be linked to your sign. This means you are close to fortune; but don’t expect that money will suddenly fall from the sky, that you’ll end up living in the mansion of your dreams, or wake up with the perfect partner by your side.

It is also advantageous that Saturn is not competing against you. This planet plays an important role for you. Normally, he has a bad reputation, as Saturn is said to suppress the joy of life. Not only will you be spared this effect in 2017, but you will also know the true potential of the positive powers of this planet. For example, he’ll help you to put your ideas into practice. He’ll also add something special to your appearance that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Your Love Life

In terms of love, your romantic life will turn magical, wondrous, and a bit random. Can you afford to just lay back and wait for the contenders? Yes. You don’t need to strain or show off, nor do you need to make announcements, or even be active on the Internet. You’ll meet potential partners by mere coincidence: drinking a coffee, in the elevator, at friends’ places, or at the gym. All thanks to Jupiter. You’ll flirt when someone appeals to your senses or arouses your interest. If you’re single, you may find that things progress faster than usual with the people you meet. Will these liaisons become a serious relationship? On this, the stars keep silent until summer. In the fall, these energies will concentrate themselves: you may find yourself looking for safe haven. If you’re in a committed relationship, things could get turbulent. Are you still flirting for all you’re worth? It’s fine—blame it on your stars, but you’re the one who’ll have to pay for it: will you burn your fingers? Quite possibly! But even you will calm down towards the end of summer, and instinctively go back to where you belong: home.

Your Career

Put the champagne on ice! There’s reason to celebrate: an era that lasted for more than two years will come to an end! Life will become easier, more amusing, and more exciting. You’ll meet new people. Your horizons will broaden, and you’ll reveal yourself to be more open to new thoughts and experiences. In spring, you’ll get news that gives you new energy—in 2017, you’ve been marked for success. Once you sniff out the opportunity, you’ll spring into action and get to work. If you’ve been dreaming of a promotion, you’ll get a suitable offer. On the other hand, if you’ve been thinking about becoming self-employed, you’ll come up with a brilliant business idea. For Aquarians with a start-up spirit, you’ll meet someone willing to invest in your plan.

Your Health

Crazy, what the combination of the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter can do for you: you may find yourself turning into something of a health guru. You’re more concerned about your personal wellbeing than ever, and have even started trying to get your friends on board: eating organic food, doing even more exercise than usual, manning your own non-smoking-campaign. You're on the right track when it comes to your health, so keep it up.