Love Compatibilty Check for Taurus and Pisces

Hooray, finally found!
A markedly fine relationship that has its base in the love principle. Both enjoy calm and serenity equally. The romantic and tender vein of the Pisces makes him soften up on them very fast. The often dreamy kind of the Pisces is compensated by the hands-on manner of the Taurus in earning money. Pisces prefer to live for today and confide in the acts of nature, whereas the Taurus prefers to take matters into his hands. But this does not matter, because Pisces look up admiringly at the Taurus-partner and are happy to have found him. Unfortunately, in sexual regards the Pises have an inconstant, wayward temper which does not really suit the Taurus. If he helps the Pisces to live out his fantasies it can get hot.