Daily compatibility horoscope for Libra and Cancer for January 17, 2018

Your compatibility horoscope for Libra and Cancer for January 17, 2018, can tell you how things look for your relationships today. Love & Romance gives you an idea of what to expect from your romantic partner or the object ofyour affection.Boss & Colleagues lets you know how things look at work, and Friends & Acquaintances can help you make the best of your platonic relationships.

Love & Romance


Taking a look at today's horoscope, it must be said that, unfortunately, things don't not look good for Libra and Cancer. The communication between the two just isn't working. It would be better to avoid each other!

Boss & Colleagues


Lack of punctuality could give rise to a stern warning from your supervisor today if he is a Libra and you are a [star sign], or vice versa. As an employee, under no circumstances should you come across as stubborn and intransigent!

Friends & Acquaintances


Libra and Cancer need each other very much today. Although those born under Libra usually take everything lightly, they is are extremely grateful for a well-intentioned piece of advice from their Cancer friend today.

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