Daily compatibility horoscope for Aquarius and Aries for October 20, 2017

Your compatibility horoscope for Aquarius and Aries for October 20, 2017, can tell you how things look for your relationships today. Love & Romance gives you an idea of what to expect from your romantic partner or the object ofyour affection.Boss & Colleagues lets you know how things look at work, and Friends & Acquaintances can help you make the best of your platonic relationships.

Love & Romance


Today, the stars are not at all favourable for Aquarius and Aries. It is quite possible that a conflict that has been on the cards for some time now openly erupts. Put off heated arguments to another day!

Boss & Colleagues


The team of Aquarius and Aries could run the risk today of a few discrepancies arising. But that's fortunately not much of a problem on a day like today, since both can control their emotions well enough so it doesn't lead to an argument.

Friends & Acquaintances


Today, the friendship between Aquarius and Aries is particularly challenged. As it is, does the Aquarius have to contend with some grief? and no one could be a better help to him than his Aries friend!

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