April Horoscope for Virgo

Read the April horoscope for Virgo to discover what the stars have in store for you with regard to: Love & Romance, Your Career and Health & Wellbeing

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Love & romance


The last weeks and months have not always been easy, there were some dark clouds in the sky. But that now belongs to the past. Before you lies a bright future, greet it with optimism. Use your options to the full, and do not be influenced by the opinions others.

Your Career


Your drive fails only for lack of activity. You can do routine tasks blindfolded. What you lack is a challenge. This could happen mid-month. When you are asked if you want to take on new responsibilities, say yes before other colleagues pre-empt you.

Health & wellbeing


Those born under the star sign Virgo have also had things easier than in this month. You do not feel really fit but, tired and defeated. Perhaps you have recently been doing too much sport? In that case there is an urgent need to take it easy now, so your body can recover.