November Horoscope for Scorpio

Read the November horoscope for Scorpio to discover what the stars have in store for you with regard to: Love & Romance, Your Career and Health & Wellbeing

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Love & romance


This is your month! Cupid makes sure that you are floating on cloud nine. Your partner will predict your every need and serve you hand and foot. Your relationship is still as fresh as it was at the beginning. If you are single, you should go out. Now it will be easy to get to know an attractive partner.

Your Career


At work, you cannot complain about a lack of a sense of achievement. Whatever you tackle: you succeed in it. Your colleagues respect you for this. Do not look down on people, but be generous and enjoy the fruits of your labor as a result of successful teamwork.

Health & wellbeing


This month, the probability is quite high that you are affected by health problems. This could be an unpleasant cold, but also an allergic reaction. If you get to the bottom of the causes of these ailments, for example by going to an alternative practitioner, the chances of a cure are good.