November Horoscope for Sagittarius

Hier erfahren Sie das Monatshoroskop Sagittarius für den November hinsichtlich der drei Aspekte: Liebe & Partnerschaft (bezogen auf Ihren Liebesmonat), Beruf & Karriere und Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden.

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Liebe & Partnerschaft


After a turbulent times of late, the theme of love is only of limited interest for you at the moment. You are not very motivated in romantic matters, nor even feel like a little flirtation. That does not matter. There are currently more important things to concentrate on, for example your career!

Beruf & Karriere


The stars are sympathetic to you at work this month. You are very creative. Your ideas will bring improvements that bring you praise from all sides. This is naturally also good for the ego, especially after the last few months, which have not been so successful. Enjoy your successful work.

Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden


Your health is not great nor particularly bad this month. One or the other ailments could appear, but not for long. In sports, do not aspire to outstanding personal bests that you cannot achieve. But moderate exercise is very much recommended.