March Horoscope for Sagittarius

Read the March horoscope for Sagittarius to discover what the stars have in store for you with regard to: Love & Romance, Your Career and Health & Wellbeing

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Love & romance


Your tendency to control is currently playing very strongly to the fore. That's not particularly pleasant for your partner, you repeatedly clash. Although it is not easy: Take the time for a discussion, then the atmosphere between you should become clearer again.

Your Career


Nothing is going right at work. You feel as if nothing has changed for ages in your everyday working life. At the same time you are swamped by work. The situation is very frustrating. Your boss and your colleagues are stressed at the moment and offer no encouragement. Do you really want to go on like this?

Health & wellbeing


Physically you feel tip top in March. This is ideal for sporting activities such as jogging or cycling that give you more endurance and strengthen your mental resilience. This will give you extraordinary powers and you can accomplish enormous benefits. You don't need rest now.