September Horoscope for Pisces

Read the September horoscope for Pisces to discover what the stars have in store for you with regard to: Love & Romance, Your Career and Health & Wellbeing

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Love & romance


The coming months will start promisingly, and then there will be a clear upward trend on the relationship front. Your partner will surprise you with some extra helpings of attention, so nothing stands in the way of romantic hours as a cozy twosome. For singles the chances are good to meet their prince or princess.

Your Career


You have the job all routinely under control, some work you do almost in your sleep. This can lead to a little frustration. How about a training course? Or a new task area? Speak to your boss about it directly. Be persistent, he will be convinced after a certain amount of back and forth.

Health & wellbeing


You have probably long been plagued by recurring pain. If your GP cannot cure it, be sure to give alternative treatments a go! But check the provider carefully, in this area there are too many charlatans.