November Horoscope for Leo

Hier erfahren Sie das Monatshoroskop Leo für den November hinsichtlich der drei Aspekte: Liebe & Partnerschaft (bezogen auf Ihren Liebesmonat), Beruf & Karriere und Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden.

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Liebe & Partnerschaft


There are disagreements in every relationship. However, you and your partner have fierce verbal battles. The pain threshold is quickly exceeded. To avoid this, you should take time and discuss your differences with your partner objectively and calmly. Then many things will dissolve into thin air.

Beruf & Karriere


Some bills have not yet been paid. See to it, otherwise there could be unpleasant consequences! At work things are not much better. Colleagues are stressed and irritated and your boss cannot tell you exactly what he expects from you. Grin and bear it and better times will return!

Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden


This month you finally manage not to be dominated by your problems any more, but are actively seeking a solution. The new approach will also help you to get to grips with health problems. These were basically just the effects of the negative psychic state of recent times.