May Horoscope for Aquarius

Read the May horoscope for Aquarius to discover what the stars have in store for you with regard to: Love & Romance, Your Career and Health & Wellbeing

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Love & romance


After a turbulent times of late, the theme of love is only of limited interest for you at the moment. You are not very motivated in romantic matters, nor even feel like a little flirtation. That does not matter. There are currently more important things to concentrate on, for example your career!

Your Career


This month you are not exactly bored at work. Divide your workload well, so you do not still have a mountain of work in front of you at the end of the month. Otherwise you could get a nasty surprise. But be careful not to make mistakes! That could be fatal.

Health & wellbeing


The stars are kind to your health this month. Some physical ailments disappear as if by magic. Now when you do sports, you will achieve your best. You have no reason to complain, instead enjoy this positive state!