November Horoscope for Aquarius

Hier erfahren Sie das Monatshoroskop Aquarius für den November hinsichtlich der drei Aspekte: Liebe & Partnerschaft (bezogen auf Ihren Liebesmonat), Beruf & Karriere und Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden.

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Liebe & Partnerschaft


Your last flirtation was a while ago and nothing much has happened since then. You are starting to get bored. If you take the initiative, then your romantic life could take on an entirely new impetus in November. Also attached people should let their imagination rip, as this can only be beneficial to your relationship.

Beruf & Karriere


You are snowed under with work and there is no end in sight. Before you despair, list your tasks according to priorities and deal with them in order. Only thus can you master the imminent chaos. Get reliable colleagues involved, with good teamwork you will reach your goal faster.

Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden


You are full of energy and ready to uproot trees with your bare hands. You do not let anyone spoil your good mood. You can now implement difficult tasks at work or use the time for a few days holiday with the family. Whatever you choose: For your positive energy it will only be useful.