Horoscope for Scorpio

10/24 - 11/22

for Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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The workhorse

At the moment you are acting lightning fast. No-one can clarify a situation at work or solve problems as quickly as you. However, you know how to use your current brainstorms not just for yourself but for the benefit of everyone. Especially at the office you make new friends with your collegial manner and social streak. Group work is not nearly as problematic as usual and discussions can be solved peacefully. Even in your private life your daily life is harmonious.

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Libras may be described as peaceful, diplomatic, fair, honest, loving, and intelligent. Those born under Libra are welcome guests in any home, and are noted for their quiet manner and cultured charm. Libras try to avoid conflict at all costs, and would rather resolve any differences of opinion through diplomacy, thanks to their penchant for justice. Theytry to avoid hasty conclusions based on too little information, and seek the truth in all things. Typicallyas balanced as their symbol, the scales,Libras only feel truly comfortable when absolute harmony reigns. The home of a Libra is a place of security, pleasant, and equipped with beautiful things. Relationships are key to the happiness of Libras. They hatebeing alone, and they are faithful and affectionate in their partnerships. Libras always have an open ear for their friends’ problems, and can usually dispense good advice. For Libra men, justice and truth are also important in their relationships. They reflectcarefully before they speak, so as not to hurt anyone. Some of the most essential characteristics of this sign arelove, beauty, and harmony.