Horoscope for Pisces

2/20 - 3/20

for Saturday, December 16, 2017

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New perspectives

You have had to accept a lot of setbacks lately. This is because you are stuck in your old ways of thinking and behavior patterns. You should at last take the step of daring to take on new perspectives and to risk more. Away from the past to new shores. The first step will be very hard, but with time you will get used to the new situation! The aim is to create new ideas and a change of behavior.

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Pisces are tolerant and sensitive people, who often pay more attention to the problems of those around them than their own.They are always there for others. They’re alsohelpful and patient, and can keep secrets well. Those born under Pisces don’t like to be the focus of attention, but are instead rather cautious and led by their rationality. Properties associated with Pisces are helpfulness, sensitivity, generosity, sociability, creativity, and reliability. They are cheerful, sympathetic people and can empathize well with others. Pisces have strong protective instincts, which they also demonstrate within their family. Pisces are passionate and affectionate towards their partner, and once they have found the right person, they will not let them go. Pisces need a sense of security and safety in order to feel truly comfortable, and they thrive in a harmonious environment. The Pisces sign is a Water element, and associated with the colors violet and blue.