Horoscope for Leo

7/23 - 8/23

for Saturday, September 23, 2017

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Active commitment

Your energy potential is huge. Today you are insanely active. Already in the morning to you feel the urge to make a difference. At work, it could happen that you quickly get on your colleagues' nerves with your thirst for action, but don't let this annoy you in any way. Long may this continue! Such a high-energy days happen all too seldom. If you are a very communicative, sociable person, you may want to shift down a gear and at meetings and in negotiations maybe not overwhelm your counterpart with your fluency and overwhelm.

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Leos are courageous, proud, extroverted, graceful, open and amiable. Above all, they are optimists. Leos are generally very charismatic people and can often befound in the middle of the action, wherever it is. People born under Leo are fieryand friendly, with a big heart, as befits a Fire sign. Other people feel comfortably at home in their presence. Leos love the limelight and are happy to be atthe center of any community. Leos are very generous and confident. This star sign is marked by their strong will, generosity, and a sense of justice. When it comes to choosing the right partner, Leosare picky. After all, they want, along with their partner, to be the object of others’ envy. Leos put defeat behind them very quickly, and, with their ambition, can easily get ahead in their careers. They love luxury and will do everything necessary to fulfill their desires.