Horoscope for Gemini

5/22 - 2/21

for Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Ihr Gemini Tageshoroskop für heute:

Every beginning is hard

Today you are missing the driving force, vigor and momentum that you otherwise have! You realise first thing in the morning that you seem utterly slow and dull today. It would be best for you if you treated yourself to a day for yourself and took time off today. For once put your own interests first and meet your needs and desires however you want. In the afternoon, you will feel better and a gossip over coffee with old friends makes you fresher again in the evening.

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The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the quick-thinking Roman god, known for his cleverness. Despite their intelligence and their ability to think quickly and logically, those born under Gemini are ruled by their hearts at decisive moments in their lives, even if their reason rails against it. Gemini abhors boredom and stagnation above everything. Geminisare constantly changing. Because they love change and must always be in motion, they can often be found looking for something new, better, or just plain different. Resistance is not their strong point. They also tend towards a certain superficiality. Those born under Gemini are passionate about talking and make brilliant speakers, in public and private alike. Still, they also listen to others attentively. Because they are very curious and want to learn as much as possible. Their impulse to both talk and learn is why they always need a crowd of people around. As an air sign, Gemini does not have a strong relationship to material things. They think money is there to be enjoyed. They will gladly spend it on things that other people think are superfluous.

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