Horoscope for Cancer

6/22 - 7/22

for Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Ihr Cancer Tageshoroskop für heute:

Daydreams vs. reality

Try to get to grips with your wishful thinking and finally understand the truth of the situation. You are currently more in a fantasy world and slowly it's time that you dealt with reality. However, you are trying to escape so as not to express your discontent. Once you see yourself that it can not go on like this, things will quickly begin to get better!

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Cancers are particularly family-oriented. This Water sign is especially sensitive and empathetic. As their namesake, the crab, implies, Cancer often reveal themselves to have a hard shellsand a soft core. Associal and engaging people, Cancerslike to help others whenever they can. They are very sympathetic to others, but are also sensitive, and don’t let anyone get close to them very easily. Family comes first for the Cancer, and they would do anything to maintain harmony at home. Happiness for a Cancer means security and a fulfilling family life. They will fight tenaciously for any friendship, and they attach great importance to creating a home where they feel comfortable. When it comes to love, Cancersare a loyal and loving partner, who are looking for a long-term relationship. They can be both romantic and protective, and are faithful to their partner. Cancers are typically caring, romantic, and humorous, nurturing, intuitive, persistent, efficient and determined.

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